Monday, September 27, 2010

Pelosi Disparages Pledge; States Democrats "Stand By" Obamacare

I have never seen anyone more politically tone deaf than our current Speaker of the House seemingly is.  Perhaps Nancy Pelosi is trying to just put a good face on her impending removal from the Speaker's chair come November's elections.  Perhaps she really does believe what she says and thinks what she has accomplished with her Democratic colleagues is good and not just more cynical legislation enacted in order to gain or hold onto power.  Perhaps the only voices she hears on the day's issues are those of her decidedly far-left progressive constituents from her San Francisco congressional district.

Regardless, her statements of naivety and foolishness, particularly when it comes to the health care reform act actually "saving" us money is a pipe dream.  The Congressional Budget Office back in May even restated  the total cost of implementing health care and determined that we would indeed exceed the dreaded $1 Trillion threshold that was supposedly the deal killer for many folks in congress for voting for this travesty of an unconstitutional law in the first place.

Further, the health care act will indeed cause the rationing that many feared, and it is guaranteed to create a huge rise in costs to consumers rather than a reduction thereof.  The disincentives and price fixes created under the bill are such that many doctors will retire and fewer young people will go into medicine.  With the addition of millions more of Americans now being covered and with less doctors to provide care for them, this would suggest by simple supply and demand economics that costs will go up.  Fewer doctors plus more patients equals higher costs and longer waiting times and rationing of services.  It is simple mathematics.

Pelosi claims regarding Democrats and the Obamacare legislation, “Our members have stated where they are on it," said Pelosi. "They have voted for it. They stand by it, and they are great advocates for it.”  Indeed if this were true, how come we hear nary a member of congress running on the fact that they helped pass Obamacare with their vote?  Rather, the silence on the issue from Democrats is quite deafening!

Again though, Speaker Pelosi seems to think that this gargantuan expanse of government and the draconian costs associated with it so that "children" can take their sweet time to follow their dreams of what to do with their lives and still be covered under their parents health care policy until the age of 26 is exactly what America wanted.  The storm clouds are ominously darkening and swirling at full gale and Speaker Pelosi seemingly is out in the middle of a vast field without an umbrella to be found.  Talk about sowing the tempest, Ms. Speaker!


Dave Splash said...

Actually the CBO does say that repealing the Affordable Care Act will increase the deficit by billions of dollars. So, Pelosi is correct. She is also correct to note support for the law. Polling on repeal shows that less than 20% of Americans want a repeal of the law.

Honestly, most people don't even know who Nancy Pelosi is. The right's constant attempts to demonize her and make her the reason conservatism failed in the US is pretty silly and ineffective. New polling out today shows both the enthusiasm gap and the generic preference for Congress has tightened to within a few points.

I wouldn't have the tan man start measuring the drapes for the Speaker's office just yet.

T. Paine said...

Dave, all I can say is that your information is incorrect on all accounts sir. Where do you find this stuff? perhaps? ;)