Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Not-So-Moderate Imam Rauf

Guest Post by Carrie

We Americans make a huge mistake in thinking that a Muslim "moderate" is like a moderate of a political party in our own country.  It is not.  All "moderate" means to such as the Imam is that one is most careful in explaining his ideas, and truth is twisted into something palatable for us naive enough to believe him. 

This Imam will not denounce anything that the fanatics/terrorists want and he calls for a Palestinian state, in which Jews are the minority, to take the place of Israel. That state would follow Sharia law and be ruled by Islamists. 

History serves as a reminder: all Arab states kicked out their Jewish citizens, no matter that they had lived in them for hundreds of years, during and after WWII. The Arabs sided with Hitler.... If Israel and Palestine become one country, the Arabs will cast them out again, if not worse, this time.  Yet Israel has made its Arab citizens welcome to live and flourish, and they are free voters in all elections.  What is wrong with this picture?

The issue of the mosque (freedom of religion) at the WTC is fallacious; this is a political fight and one-ups-manship, not one about religious freedom, and this Imam and his co-horts all know that.

One more reason to disbelieve Iman Rauf....and understand and believe the Koranic theory of "taqiyya".  Please follow the link to the excellent article in below:

FrontPageMag Article

Guest Post by Carrie

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