Thursday, May 6, 2010

There is No Racism in the Tea Party

I am getting exceptionally tired of hearing left-wing pundits and even the rank and file liberals in their regurgitation of inaccurate statements and outright lies about racism in the Tea Party movement. 

The left seems to hate the Tea Party because its purpose is to take back control of the government and place it with We The People so that a more responsive, fiscally responsible, and Constitutionally governed federal government can be the ultimate result.

I understand the tactic of lies and demagoguery from the left, as it tends to be their only form of combating conservative ideas since they seem to be devoid of anything that does not resemble Marxist ideals and the usurpation of our rights as Americans in their intellectual arsenal.  The fact that it is relatively effective when their willing allies in the state-run media repeat these lies, only guarantees their continued use of such tactics.

That being said, the Tea Party is about restoring America to the way our founding fathers intended it to be and cries of racism are hugely inaccurate and often times fabricated by the left.  See the video below for more on this.


lisa said...

great find!

Umm Dave?

T. Paine said...

Don't hold your breath, Lisa.

Liberals don't typically respond when the facts are overwhelmingly against them and you use the actual words and videos of the people as proof against their mischaracterizations and falsehoods.

In such cased you get one of three things as a liberal response: 1) silence 2)name-calling 3)obviscation and switching of topics

Mostly one gets silence though. :)

lisa said...

I always say the silence is deafening.

Dave Splash said...

None? No racism at all?! See this is why the right can't be taken seriously. The witchdoctor signs, the go back to Kenya signs, the Obama welfare bucks (with chicken and watermelon all over the signs) passed out by the head of the California Tea Party, the "Obama is a Nigar" sign the tea parties have airbrushed to hide since the picture was so widely distributed (what is it about spelling and the far right?), or what about the prominent use of the Confederate flag and imagery. That's just five and I could name a hundred.

When David Duke spoke out in defense of the teabaggers, I didn't exactly hear anyone trying to distance themselves from him.

No one has ever said - especially not me - that all teabaggers are racists. But, sorry, TP, to deny that any exists at all because you found a black teabagger is just...silly.

You have a video, I have a video.

Dave Splash said...

Here's a few more, for Lisa's benefit:

lisa said...

Dave those videos aren't racist. I didn't watch all of them but for the most part they were 99.95 not racist.
If you don't think that the policies Obama has put in place was going to get anything less than the overwhelming dissent by the people then maybe you should try and pull your head out of the sand for a while.
It was all a setup because Obama learned from the best(and I don't mean that in a good way)all well knowing that he culd use the media to prtray the dissnters as the crazy ones and see it worked even though it's BULLSHIT!

lisa said...

Sorry for the BS T-I tried to refrain but you need shock value sometimes even though it falls on deaf ears or should I say "Zombie" Ears.

lisa said...

Here Dave-Watch,listen,learn. I know it's difficult to hear with your mouth open because it stretches your ears closed but please do try:

T. Paine said...

Wow, Dave, pretty pathetic links if that is all you have.

The first one begins with a black man saying the Tea Party isn't about race, but rather about AMERICANS fed up with government as it was under Bush and now under Obama. Hell, that could have been ME saying that!

The second one had such poor audio quality that I don't even know what is said. It showed one guy with a dumb and ignorant sign.

The third one complained about us having to pay for ILLEGAL aliens. It didn't have anything to do with race at all.

Lastly, I never said that there was absolutely no racism there. I said that is not the purpose and actual verifiable accounts of racism are very very few and far between with the Tea Parties.

I heard today that the leader of a Tea Party movement back east asked some knuckle head with a racist sign to leave the rally and told him he was not welcome there, not that Olberman or Maddow reported that news.

Half the time I wonder if these trumped up cries of "racism" from the left are actually due to left-wing "plants" that are staged to try and discredit the Tea Parties.

Regardless, that was pretty unconvincing of your case, Splash. I definitely gotta go with Lisa on this one.