Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rush: CBO Estimates that Obamacare Exceeds $1 Trillion

Yep, even by CBO standards the newly passed Obama-care law will cost over $1 Trillion dollars.
Let me go out on a limb here (actually this is a very safe bet) and say that the costs of this program that Obama promised would REDUCE costs is going to cost us far far far more than the current CBO estimates.

This is just the first lie of the progressives that has been debunked. Unfortunately, once the entire plan is implemented in four years, we will see the other lies they told us be debunked too, like "there will be no rationing" and "there are no 'death' panels".

Unfortunately my being able to say "I told you so!" will be small consolation as our country implodes from all of this spending and the destruction of the world's best health care system. Dang, I hate being right on this issue!


Joaquin said...

This administration has no idea, and could care less about the costs of the programs they are establishing.
Costs mean nothing!
It's all about setting up big government programs and infrastructure that can't be dismantled.
These people see an opportunity that they have been longing for for decades, and that window of opportunity will not stay open long.
Why do you think everything has to be done in a hurry? Why is everything being done at crisis speed?

lisa said...

we're doomed and all the useful idiots are going down with a big grin on their naive faces.
Where is the media to expose all this propaganda?
Is there anyone left in our government who can stand up and put a stop to this?
All these leftists think they are immuned to this. Either they are stupid or they have so much invested in this that they are afraid to admit they were wrong.

I'll give them a little credit and choose the latter because they can't possibly be that stupid

lisa said...

Hope everyhting is ok. I saw on Tom's you had a family emergency.

T. Paine said...

Lisa, thanks for your well wishes. My wife gave me quite a scare, but all is fine for now. Thanks for your concern, my friend!

lisa said...

wow thank God!
I will now proceed to your most current posts.