Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Senator Hatch on Elena Kagan

Kagan was less than objective and decidedly un-cordial during the debate preceding Clarence Thomas' elevation to the Supreme Court. She said that he should be challenged and asked the hard questions and indeed I agree with her in that regard. Hopefully she hasn't changed that standard now that she is the one to whom the hard questions will be asked.

As for Orin Hatch, the senator from my state, based on what information is already available on Ms. Kagan, he darn well better oppose her confirmation or he will only be adding to the likelihood that he will be joining his fellow Utah Senator Bob Bennett when Hatch's re-election is up for a vote in 2012.


Joaquin said...

Of course she should face hard questioning, but at the end, she will get confirmed............unless she completely blows it, which won't happen

T. Paine said...

Yep, I am afraid you are correct, Joaquin!

lisa said...

being taken over from the inside out.