Saturday, May 22, 2010

Illegal Immigration Renamed

And ain't that the truth, because I guarantee that if the illegal aliens coming into the United States were going to be reliable conservative voters, that fence would have been built and federal immigration laws would have been enforced on the very day President Obama was sworn into office. Of course, if they were conservative in nature, chances are they would have abided by our immigration laws to begin with and not entered illegally, and THAT is really what this whole debate all comes down to in the end.


free0352 said...

Of course, if they were conservative in nature, chances are they would have abided by our immigration laws to begin with

It's obvious that almost 100% of the illigals are conservative Paine, the liberals have it all wrong. They're comming over here to work and we all know Democrats don't know how to do that.

T. Paine said...

Now THAT is funny, Free! :)

lisa said...

Interesting point free.Problem is the democrats carry the message.

Dave Splash said...

Hilarious. Yeah, right. Did anyone notice that when the US economy went into recession, the number of illegals declined? Odd thing how that whole "supply and demand" thing works. No jobs, no illegals.

How about instead of imagining conspiracies about millions of illegals electing the re-incarnation of Cesar Chavez as president, why don't conservatives focus on punishing the employers who hire the illegals and stop the jobs from being available. But, you won't, and the GOP won't, because they are your core supporters. Immigrants wouldn't keep coming here if there weren't businesses lining up to hire them.

This is pretty basic. No supply, no demand. Duh.

T. Paine said...

Dave, you are absolutely correct. This is the first part of MY comprehensive illegal immigration reform plan. Punish those that KNOWINGLY hire illegals with draconian fines. AND protect our borders.

It is funny how you get the supply and demand thing with this issue but don't see the same connection with the coming rationing of Obamacare due to the same supply and demand concept, sir.

Dave Splash said...

Of course, naturally, the analogy does not hold since there is no Obamacare. Criticize the HCR for what it is - a bail out for private insurance companies who otherwise could not compete against a real, single-payer plan. There is no more rationing coming than what you already have with your plan now. Attaching "Obama" in front of it, might be good politically for the right, but makes no sense when related to things like...facts.

The bill reigned in unethical insurance behavior, but kept them in the game. Conservatives used to support things like that until Obama Derangement Syndrome infected the whole lot of you.

T. Paine said...

No private insurance company can compete against a public single payer plan, Splash. That is the whole point. Private companies have to make a profit to survive.

The public option can run huge deficits as it is funded by the TAX PAYERS.

This is the whole point of Obama having wanted that. You are correct that the private companies will not be able to compete and will eventually cease to be. Everyone will, by necessity, migrate to the single payer system, JUST LIKE OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS PLANNED from the beginning.

When you have 30+ million more people on the insurance rolls and end up having a heck of a lot less doctors due to the plan disincentives for them, you have more demand and less supply.

Prices will go up and services will be rationed, just like your previously stated example.

The ONLY way to negate this is to repeal this travesty and pass legislation that actually addresses the problems with health care.