Saturday, September 12, 2009

Left-wing Hypocrisy

It seems to me that I recall Nancy Pelosi claiming how the Democrats, once in charge again, were going to clean up the corruption in Washington D.C. It seems to me that then-candidate Obama claimed that should he win, his administration was going to be honest and transparent to the people. I knew better back when these two first made these statements. After all, look at their past history. Things were NOT going to change now simply because they said so.

Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy just trying to take care of their business and family in their day to day lives so that they didn't know the details and sordid history of these people. All they heard were these wonderful refreshing sound bites placed out there for mass consumption by a leftist/statist-friendly media.

After the idiot Republicans completely abrogated their responsibilities and spent and governed like the worst of the Democrats, who can blame the American people for throwing the bums out. Unfortunately the replacements are even worse than those that were replaced, not that one would know it from the White House-compliant media. According to the press, the second coming of Camelot has finally arrived.

President Obama said he was going to be a "post-partisan" president. That statement on the face of it is laughable in the extreme for anyone that actually looked back at his career. NEVER did Obama compromise on any legislation or support a right-of-center proposal. His idea of compromise is for the right to come over to his side of the issue. In the current health care debate, he said he was open to Republican ideas and would meet with them to discuss their proposals. When the Republican leadership attempted to do so back in May, they were ignored by Obama. So much for post-partisanship.

Now we have an administration that admonished its predecessor for inept governing and out-of-control spending that has gone and routinely violated the US Constitution in it governing in completely unprecedented fashion in the first eight months of office and has proposed spending that is more than all 43 of the preceding presidential administrations COMBINED.

We have seen this administration use the Constitution for toilet paper in its appointing of unprecedented amounts of unelected and unaccountable czars that report only to Obama.
We have seen the federal take over of PRIVATE companies (i.e. GM & Chrysler for starters), fire the CEO's, stipulate what compensation would be for the executives, and then tell them what kind of cars they were going to make. All of this from a president that "had no desire to run a car company". As if to exacerbate the problem, our executive branch of government then told GM and Chrysler which privately owned and purchased franchises they would be closing.

How did we ever get to this point in America? But it does no good to put a name to this type of governing. Those on the left claim it is irresponsible, hyperbole, or racism to name what this is. Marxism! The left claims that these are meaningless labels that only serve to inflame the right and stifle real debate.

The fact is they don't want debate; they want capitulation from the right. Further they have the votes, if they remain in lock-step, to pass their new world order socialist agenda. That's what We The People voted for last November, and such is their right, but don't expect me to be happy about it or be quiet about it. I, for one, am more then a little fed up with the left-wing hypocrisy, but I guess that term nowadays is rather redundant.

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