Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN: Is Congress Finally Listening?

It was reported today that the House of Representatives voted 345 to 75 to block all federal funds from going to ACORN, the exceptionally corrupt far left-wing (although supposedly billed as a non-partisan not-for-profit entity) organization that has been caught falsifying voter registrations in the tens of thousands, and most recently under intense scrutiny for some of its ACORN employees roles in different offices throughout the nation in assisting an undercover filmaker and his girlfriend posing as a pimp and prostitute with illegal tax advice. All the while they apparently condoned made up tales from the couple of their intention to bring in under-age girls to help with their "business enterprise". All 75 votes against defunding ACORN came from Democrats. Surprise!

The Senate preceded the House vote earlier this week and voted likewise to revoke a large grant to ACORN by a 83 to 7 vote. Further, due to the public outrage on the issue, the Census Bureau has decided to sever all ties for assistance with ACORN in conducting the 2010 census. This was a measure President Obama had worked on to reward this corrupt group.

It is very heartening to me to see that when enough people stand up and say, "NO MORE!" that sometimes congress will still listen. The House bill will have to go into committee with a senate version to reconcile the two and then ultimately be signed into law by President Obama for this defunding to be official. Hopefully President Obama will decide to sign the bill rather than veto it at least for politically reasons, assuming he won't do it because it is the right and moral thing to do. God help him if he does veto the bill, as there are still some in the media that will be watching this story closely.

It would appear that Lord Obama is indeed having much of his luster wear off as his approval ratings continue to drop because of his duplicity and ties with corrupt organizations such as ACORN. Again, his character, or lack thereof is not a surprise to those of us that paid attention prior to his elevation to the throne. Thank God the rest of the people are waking up to see this now while we might still be able to have an impact on some of the excess of this Marxist president of ours and his extremely corrupt cronies.

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