Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation Part I

Speaking of left-wing hypocrisy, here is a story that I have not seen on any of the statist/left-wing media. Only Fox News reported on this story that I have seen thus far.

Basically, this couple did what 60 minutes and others of their ilk used to do so long ago... a little old fashioned investigative journalism.

They posed as a prostitute and her pimp and went to the ACORN office in Baltimore for support in how to get around all of the legal hurdles so that they could purchase a home in which to run their "business". They even stated how they planned on bringing in under-aged El Salvadoran girls to help in this enterprise. All the while, they ACORN representative does not only NOT bat an eye regarding these numerous crimes she is being told about, she willingly and helpfully tries to assist this couple skirt their legal issues so their dream of entrepreneurship can be fulfilled.

After completely denying this originally, I note that ACORN fired the employees responsible for this the other day. Very scary stuff considering this is a group that Obama was part and parcel with in his community organizing days. Obama has now ensured that ACORN receives millions of our tax dollars in the stimulus bill, and wants to make them a huge part of running the 2010 census. And now this from the group that has been constantly under myriads of federal investigations for illegal voter registration fraud numbered in the tens of thousands of bogus applications! Yep, transparency and honesty has returned to the White House!

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