Friday, September 11, 2009

And So It Begins

I have often enjoyed vigorous conversation and debate over the years with people of like minds AND those with opposing viewpoints. I tend to be pretty staunch in my convictions but have been known to change my mind and admit that perhaps I was mistaken when those rare occasions have occurred. :)

I count among my friends those who have beliefs and ideologies that are indeed diametrically opposed to my own. It is typically from those friends that I learn the most actually. Often times they only serve to prove that my currently held conclusions were the correct ones all along though. What I enjoy is the debate and hopefully, if not to convince those with whom I disagree of the brilliance of my viewpoints, then at least to plant the seeds of understanding in where we conservative folk stand and why.

I do get frustrated, however, with those that would rather make a statement without being able to support it with facts or evidence and then resort to name-calling when you disagree or point out the fallacy of their argument. It is in this vein that I have come to learn that the true definition of the word bigot is "anyone that is winning an argument against a liberal". (Or anyone that dare oppose Lord Obama for any reason whatsoever.)

My free time is often limited, so updates on this blog will probably never be on a daily basis, but hopefully I will be able to develop at least a small following of friends that will stimulate and exercise my mind so that I might learn something, or perhaps even teach something along the way! Welcome aboard, friends!

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