Monday, September 28, 2009

The Rich ARE Paying Their Share, and So Am I!

I heard some moon bat on the radio the other morning on my way into work, and he was complaining about how "the rich" aren't paying their fair share of the tax burden and how he was happy that Lord Obama was going to redistribute the wealth so that he could finally catch a break. (I really should just listen to our new Catholic radio station in the morning so I don't get my blood pressure up before I even arrive at work.)

Anyway, I am of the opinion that taxes are too danged high for everybody, but particularly so for the rich. Now before you left-wingers go off on a rant, let me say that I am NOT rich; however, I aspire to be so someday, God willing. I am solidly middle class and I have to watch my money just like most everyone else does. That being said, I don't hate the rich nor do I despise the poor.

I do, however, have serious issues with a federal government that is out of control with its spending on unconstitutional expenditures and then feels the need to raise my taxes in order to attain some "common good Marxist utopia" that is nothing more than an illusion and an attempt only to solidify power in the executive and legislative branches of our nation.

A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution should be enacted and ratified, if that were ever possible, and then a requirement made for all congressional appropriation committees to explain in detail how each bill they propose to collect and spend WE THE PEOPLE's money on is authorized in our U.S. Constitution. This should be a part of the summary of the bill itself, and if the authors of the legislation cannot cite SPECIFICALLY where the U.S. Constitution gives them authorization to enact such legislation, it should not be able to pass out of committee.
This would eliminate congress from passing legislation to protect us from ourselves such as providing funding for green cars to dictating how much water our toilets use per flush. Congress has no authority to do these things Constitutionally and frankly should have more important matters in which they should be attending. Think this has a Conservative's chance in New York City of passing? I don't either...

I decided to go to an old standby resource of mine to see what was going on with taxes on the federal levels these days, although I already had an excellent idea of what I would find. Sure enough, at the non-partisan, non-profit I found the data that enumerated in black and white what I already knew.

The rich in this country ARE paying far more than their share and then some. As of the latest IRS data available (2007) the top 1% of this nations wage earners pay 40.42% of all federal income taxes. The top 25% of all wage earners pay 86.59% of the federal tax burden. The top 50% of all wage earners in this country pay 97.11% of all federal taxes. This means the bottom 50% of all wage earners in the United States pays only 2.89% of the federal tax burden for our nation. This is not slanted data to make a point. These are actually numbers from the IRS, and yes I think they do make a point... quite strongly!

So the next time you hear some ignorant person buy into the Democrats' class warfare garbage and starts to say how the rich are not paying their fair share, set him straight and help him to be not so ignorant anymore. Maybe we all will be a little richer for it in the long run and I won't be all upset by some fool on the radio on my commute into work each day.

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