Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Praise of Partisanship

Yes, you did read that right. I am absolutely for partisanship. Considering the Socialist/Marxist element that is so pervasive in the Executive and Legislative branches of our federal government currently, it is rare that a bipartisan agreement can or even should be considered, in my opinion.

There are certain core values that should never ever be compromised as a legislator or president, in my opinion again. Our representatives should always stand unerringly for life from its conception until natural death. Our representatives should abide by the Founding Fathers' intent as spelled out in our United States Constitution. Our representatives should not compromise ever on anything that would cause these core values to be weakened or placed in jeopardy.

One does not compromise for the sake of "bipartisanship" on issues where freedom is eroded by having done so. I give you the recent passage of health care as a prime example of this. For once in a long while I am proud of the Republicans for standing strong against this atrocious attack on our personal freedoms and the Constitution. The fact that this bill became law by the force of the Democratic majority alone puts the blame squarely where it should be on them.

Now just because I expect my elected representatives of any stripe to be uncompromising partisan people, does not mean that I expect them to be uncivil. Laying out one's case with facts, figures, and historical context is necessary. One can usually disagree without becoming hostile about it though.

Name calling and demagoguing are not acceptable. And, this is not to say that one should automatically discount every idea that comes from the opposition party either. Never reject a good idea simply because you do not like the source. Occasionally the Democrats can put forth a good idea, regardless of the fact that I am currently unable to come up with an example of one immediately.

This nation was founded on tough rousing debate of ideas. Indeed, it was not even unanimous in our nation's Declaration of Independence among the thirteen original colonies. (NY abstained the vote.) Debate and partisanship in arguing ideas is crucial to our surviving as a strong and vibrant nation. Compromise for the sake of comity amongst parties alone is a cancer to democracy.

I used to find it amusing and now just disgusting that President Obama claims to have wanted bipartisanship and to usher in a post-partisan administration. This comes from a man that had the most liberal voting record in the senate that never compromised towards the right end of the political spectrum on anything. That is fine. That kind of partisanship is exactly what I am advocating. From that standpoint you know where each person stands on an issue. What disgusts me is Obama's pretensions otherwise towards wanting bipartisanship. This just smacks of guile and deceit, which of course it is. When President Obama claims he wants bipartisanship, what he is really saying is that he wants the GOP to come over to his side of the issue.

Stand tall, speak from your core values with integrity, and do not compromise for the sake of political expediency or gain. Many things are far too important to forge a "bipartisan" law simply for the sake of getting along with each other. Being an extreme partisan in defense of liberty is not a vice!


Dave Splash said...

Agreed. We Dems tried to be bi-partisan and all we got were watered down, corporatist bullshit bills - with no GOP votes after adding all their stupid ideas. The Republican Party (essentially now the old Confederacy) is irrelevant, and it should be treated that way.

I agree. No reason to include the Repubs in anything.

T. Paine said...

Well sir, I'd say you diagnosed the problem correctly if you would substitute Republican where you have Democrat and vice versa.

Regardless, come November there won't be a Democrat majority in the House and even possibly the Senate, and I pray that conservatives of any party will be hyper-partisan in defense of our country and its Constitution accordingly.

Dave Splash said...

Our president was elected according to the Constitution as were all of the Democrats in Congress. Problem is, when the right loses elections, they seem to forget about that. Now it's all about tyranny of the government and Obama being ineligible. You guys love democracy and the Constitution until you lose and then it's revolution time.

T. Paine said...

On the contrary, Dave. I acknowledge Obama as my president, Pelosi as my Speaker, and Reid as the Senate majority leader.

I simply intend to use my Constitutional right to do everything legally within my power to send these people into the unemployment line as soon as possible. That's all! :)