Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona's New Illegal Immigration Law

Arizona’s governor Brewer has just signed a new state bill into law that allows police to question those they suspect might be illegal aliens. In light of the huge amounts of problems that illegal immigration has had on Arizona, this seems to be a rather practical response. The fact that the federal government has completely abrogated their duties to protect our borders has made the states realize that if anything is to be done, they are the ones that will have to do it.

Not surprisingly there has been a huge uproar from the likely suspects regarding this new law. Many people are calling this law racist and un-Constitutional. I suspect that most American’s don’t really care about a person’s race if they are here legally, thereby nullifying the charges of racism. I find it astounding that others can call the enforcement of our borders and immigration laws as un-Constitutional. That is ridiculous in the extreme.

Now I am not without sympathy towards poor immigrants wishing to find a better life for themselves and their families, nor am I not entirely certain that given their circumstances I myself would not be doing the exact same thing. That being said, they are by definition here in the United States illegally. Granted most of these people are fine law-abiding folks that simply want a better opportunity for themselves.

Unfortunately there are far too many elements within the millions of illegal immigrant groups that are here to profit through crime, gangs, drugs etc. Phoenix has become the worst city in the nation for kid-nappings largely because of illegal immigration and their ties to various Mexican drug cartels. This certainly makes the passing of this law very prudent, and the public has been shown to support it by 70% in Arizona.

Our nation absolutely MUST fix our abysmal immigration laws so that a reasonable amount of people can indeed come to America in order to live and work. The current system we have is absolutely broken. Unfortunately, President Obama and most Democrats in congress think that providing amnesty to those illegals already here is the first step to fixing the problem.

First and foremost we need to secure our borders to ensure no more illegals can enter our country. We need to then place draconian fines on those companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. If we keep more illegals from entering and then provide no incentive for them to stay once jobs start drying up for them, the problem will by and large solve itself. The downturn in the economy has already been an impetus for many illegal aliens to return to their home countries as there is no longer any work here for them.

The drain on the schools, prisons, hospitals, and welfare programs from illegal immigrants FAR outweighs the economic gains they bring to our economy. Let’s fix the problem once and for all. Secure the borders. Severely punish those that hire and exploit illegal aliens, and then fix the immigration laws to LEGALLY allow a reasonable amount of immigrants to enter our country on a path to citizenship or on work visas.

President Obama, not surprisingly, has already voiced his displeasure at Governor Brewer signing this bill into law for Arizona. He has implied that the federal court system may be brought into play regarding it. Evidently Obama doesn’t want to take care of his responsibility to guard our nation’s borders, nor does he want anybody else to do the job that HE is supposed to do. Get ready for the next big fight where our President wants to thwart the will of the people.


Dave Splash said...

Shocking that you, as a proud teabagger, would so quickly support this big government-style bill that will turn Arizona into the USSR. Now anyone with brown skin can be asked - without any probable cause- by a thug..I mean cop..for their "papers." When did we start emulating the Soviet Union and South Africa?

And, how will all these extra enforcers be paid for? I thought Arizona was broke. Remember they tried to sell their House and Senate buildings last year, and dropped 38,000 children from receiving health care.

Lastly, Arizona is the state that refused to honor Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. The two main authors of this bill have well established ties to white supremacy and eugenics organizations. To deny racism is a factor in this at all is to be incredibly naive.

lisa said...

Dave the reason they didn't honor MLK Day was because they would have to trade President's Day off for it. Sorry to throw in a fact there.
Hmm I also suppose it was an angry tea bagger who shot that rancher in Arizona?

Just for another lesson if you can take your fingers out of your ears long enough,the law is already a federal law on the books and being either party won't enforce it for fear of the ever so commonly used "Racist" label attached to it
Arizona has to enforce it for them to save their crime ridden state that is costing them more money to support the illegals than to stop the influx.
By the way I hear home prices are at a record low along the border there ,interested?

Dave Splash said...

Lisa, you are wrong. I lived in Arizona for a time. The stated reason for not honoring MLK was that it removed Columbus Day from the list of holidays that state workers got the day off. Columbus Day. Get your facts right.

But that is irrelevant. Columbus didn't discover Arizona or anywhere else in America, since he landed in the Caribbean. And he didn't "discover" anything really, since there were people already there. AZ didn't want the law because they did not want to honor a black man. After international boycotts, they changed - not because they suddenly became enlightened.

Is it simply not possible for you to see the obvious racism in a law that puts a target on the back of every single Latino in the entire state? I thought you right wingers cared about rights. What about the civil rights of Hispanic citizens in Arizona? Do they not get civil rights? Try and explain away the fact that the bill's two authors have well known ties to the white separatist movement, and to the study of eugenics?

Why then did the other 49 states do the right thing and honor MLK? Do they hate President's Day?

I'll wait until you watch tonight's Glenn Beck for your information and your response.

T. Paine said...

Dave, first I find your comparison of cops to thugs to be rather offensive to say the least.

Second, the existing police can question people only if they have reason to suspect that they might be illegal aliens, thereby having some probable cause.

There was no provision to hire additional police to enforce this, to my knowledge. It was simply giving EXISTING police officers a legal tool to deal with ILLEGAL ALIENS, which are ILLEGAL by the definition of the dang term!

Why is it wrong and outrageous to the leftists to enforce what is already a law?

Dave Splash said...

"if they have reason to suspect that they might be illegal aliens"

Explain the criteria TP, if not skin color.

I will never understand why the right bends over backwards to deny racism when it is obviously present, and then wonders why minorities don't vote Republican.

lisa said...

I don't get my news from Glenn Beck but obvioulsy he is a threat to you because he seems to be the left's main target.
Anyone with a different idea for America from your Messiah who will not be manipulated to go along with big government are just racist POS's right?
I don't remember where I heard that but it was a while ago.
Ok then Arizona is a racist state. Happy Now? Good Lord.
How come you want civil rights for everyone except American citizens.
You liberals are ridiculous.
Israel has the right idea,put up a damn wall to keep the crimnals out and be done with it.
There I said it Mr Righteous. I'm a racist pig and you well are just so inclusive aren't you?
I have an idea why don't you try and cross the border into Mexico,speaking of having a target on your back.
The left is such a bunch of phonies. If you are supposed to be so compassionate why don't you care about poor white rednecks?
Too white for your agenda?

lisa said...
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lisa said...

What would the left do if they didn't have poor brown people to manipulate into pretending they care about them.
Obama can now thow black people under the bus because there's a new voter in town.
Brown people htink republicans are racist becaue the liberals keep telling them they are because what good are they to you if they can think for themselves?
Maybe you should look in the mirror really hard and see who the real racists are?
Mr party of Robert Byrd

lisa said...

here's the perfect example of the democrat's and racism:!

T. Paine said...

Interesting link, Lisa.

I find it ironic that the Democrats portray themselves as the champion of miniorities when it has largely been Republicans that have supported civil rights for ALL Americans.

The Democrats on the other hand seem to want to continue with the creation of a dependent miniority underclass that they can exploit for votes in a cynical attempt to maintain their power in office.

Dave Splash said...

Name a single civil rights bill in the last century proposed by the Republicans.

And Lisa, find me a state in the US where someone can be detained by the authorities for being a "poor white redneck" (your words) and forced to show their papers, and I'll change my mind.

Have you ever been to Israel, Lisa? I have. Many times. The situation is untenable, and the government is crumbling under the weight of the occupation. They built a big wall, great. But the country barely has enough money to pay police and pave roads. And their problem is worse than before.

"Brown people htink republicans are racist becaue the liberals keep telling them they are because what good are they to you if they can think for themselves?"

So, you're the non-racist who thinks blacks and hispanics are incapable of thinking for themselves? So, you view them as, what, pets?

If you want to see some racism (since you appear not to see any where it still exists), I suggest you look in the mirror. Your patronizing attitudes about minorities would make David Duke blush.

T. Paine said...

Dave, it may have been Lyndon Johnson that proposed the civil rights legislation, but it was passed because of Republicans.

Many of your southern Democrats were very much in favor of Jim Crow and continued segregation. Enough so that the legislation would never have become law were it not for Republicans supporting it.

Dave Splash said...

Fair point on the '64 bill. It's true. But the Republican platform in the 1964 elections was officially opposed to civil rights legislation.

And it's also true that the large majority of the pro-segregation southern Dems left the party and became Republicans.

Can't tell one part of the story and leave out the other.

T. Paine said...

Not withstanding the senate historian Senator Byrd (D - West Virginia). (Also former leader in the KKK.)

lisa said...

Dave that's where you are wrong. I never said there wasn't racism. What I am trying to say is how the democrats use it to their convenience to "try" and shut down any debate when in reality they are the party that uses minorities to their advantage. I said it during the campaign that watch how if you disagree with Obama on any policy the left will cry racism. Obama was used as well for this reason. Agree or not but that is the democrat way. They never change.
This admin is the biggest fraud ever with them constantly calling people in front of congress under oath.
How about we haul their asses in front of a panel under oath and question them about their deceit with the health care bill,the failed stimulus,Fannie and Freddie and Franklin Raines 90 million dollar bonus.
Maybe we can also add that Goldman Sachs did nothing more against the United States than the puppet master George Soros.
I guess that's why you guys and the democrats hate talk radio and FOX and want to shut them down because they expose the sheer hypocrisy of them.
But what many people don't know is that talk radio was created to counter the liberal media because they dominated the airways with their views and manipulations.
Although you really shouldn't complain because they still manage to manipulate like how they propped up Obama during the campaign and made him the great black hope for all those desperate people out there and the fantasy of many woman and campaigning in the schools using children as a tool.
Now they are campaigning in the jails. They will stop at nothing until they get the wish of their third world Utopia.
Because I will say it again ,they need their uneducated masses that can be easily manipulated.
Because all those rich white people are going to pay for everyone's mortgage and gas and oil and anything else they can pile on.
Everything they are doing to make people who are against them is done by design so they can portray them as the crazy ,violent white racists.
Meanwhile you have the president calling for Latinos,Blacks and women to support them in the 2010 elections.
This guy has divided this country so much yet they will rewrite history to make him the greatest president ever. They managed to make him the greatest president ever even before he won the election.
I guess that's why he is pleading with those groups because he has managed to alienate many.

T. Paine said...

Lisa, you make a good point, ma'am.

And all of this division from Obama; a man that was touted as a post-partisan, post-racial president that would heal the deep divisions in our country created by the hated George W. Bush.

I guess Obama decided it was easier to just be the typical demagogue Democrat politician he truly is deep inside.

lisa said...

Thanks T Paine and thank you letting me rant here.I just think it's a disgrace how in these post racial times they keep drudging up the past.
They call themselves "Progressives" with "Regressive" policies that do nobody any good. Progressive is just a buzz word.
I wish people would make up their own minds instead of being influenced by staged speeches full of empty words, and BS.
I am sick of the lectures by the self appointed "know it alls".
I change my channel whenever the president speaks, Because he never says anything relevant. It's all just a mush mosh of target words and empty rhetoric and the left wing media gets all goo goo over him. It's pretty pathetic to listen to the media fawning all over him. They make fools out of themselves.
Even my 70 yr old mother who used to be a fan of Bill Maher doesn't listen to him anymore.
She said he used to be funny now he's just nasty and arrogant.

T. Paine said...

I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said.

I also agree with your mother. I too used to like Bill Maher. Now I think your mother's characterization of him is dead-on accurate!

Dave Splash said...


Wow. Sure hope you feel better after that tirade. Too bad you didn't actually present any facts or anything that contradicted what I said.

You were the one who said that minorities are incapable of thinking for themselves. That racist belief is yours, not mine.

If it makes you feel better to go off on a fact-free rant against the president and the media (which favors the GOP and has since the 90s), go for it. You apparently like living in your fantasy world. Who am I to make you leave?

T. Paine said...

"If it makes you feel better to go off on a fact-free rant against the president and the media (which favors the GOP and has since the 90s), go for it. You apparently like living in your fantasy world. Who am I to make you leave?"

The media FAVORS the GOP?!?! And Dave has the audacity to say that we live in a fantasy world! :)

I will do a future blog post on this "media bias" with the myriads of facts that explain why your assertion there is completely nuts, sir.

lisa said...

Dave and which media outlets would that be that favor the GOP?
I won't hold my breath waiting for your answer.

When I say democrats use minorities who can't think for themselves I am not the one who believes that,I am the one that believes the democrats do. Why do you think they target them for votes?
They tell them republicans are racist,which they are not. They use them with fake promises and demonizng rich white people.I would say that is legitimate manipulation without the need to actually present any real facts.
They just keep regurgitation the same old BS.
I don't say all minorities but for the most part a vast majority has been manipulated to believe they cannot survive without their help.
The democrats need their victims and their villains. The way they empower people is to out-promise things to them.
You think Barack Hussein Obama got support on the Chicago streets by
empowering people or angering them?

Answer-Rev Wright.

T. Paine said...

Indeed... see my post today from Star Parker about how the left wants to keep minorities "down on the plantation". Lisa is right.