Friday, April 30, 2010

Financial Reform; More of the Same

Star Parker wrote an excellent posting regarding the Wall Street reform legislation now being schemed over and put together by those "well-meaning and altruistic" politicians of ours in Washington.

She sums it up very well by saying, "The exercise now underway in Washington to reform our financial services sector revisits what we just went through in health care. Take a problem caused by government going where it doesn’t belong and then propose to solve it by doing even more of the same."

I encourage you check out here complete posting at this link here.


Matt said...

Excellent find!

J. Marquis said...

Tom, I'm not sure what planet you currently reside on but here on Earth in the United States the most recent recession mostly caused by greedy bankers and a lack of government regulation. Least that's what I've heard.

lisa said...

Glass Steagall also,too big to fail. more regulation by the Porn industry of the SEC isn't going to help. Break up the banks is what is needed and tell Obama and his admin to stop his crack spending.
Who is going to regulate the regulators?

Capitalism doesn't bankrupt governments.governments do that well all by themselves.

lisa said...

More proof regarding the mortgage mess caused by yes the Government:

Dave Splash said...

Lisa, I don't think you grasp the concept of Glass-Steigel. If you did, you would know that its repeal started the ball rolling toward the Bush economic collapse of 2008.

That legislation prevented an economic collapse for more than 70 years. It worked.

It was undone by foolishness, greed, and a lack of enforcement of the laws that remained.

T. Paine said...

Dave, what started the ball rolling under the Bush administration was the foolish spending on un-Constitutional programs etc. It was our government's trying to be all things to all people that started this economic collapse.

Obama has since come along and thrown gasoline on the fire, while blaming Bush for having started the fire in the first place.