Friday, June 3, 2011

Rush on Free Medical School for Primary Care Doctors

Well once again, Mr. Limbaugh makes an excellent observation.  It seems that even the Obama administration acknowledges that there will likely be around a 40,000 shortfall of needed primary care doctors by the year 2020.  One of the main reasons for this shortfall, they claim, is due to the exorbitant $150K in costs that it takes to complete medical school.  Their solution to this is to provide $2.5 Billion dollars a YEAR to provide free medical school tuition to those aspiring doctors that want to become primary care doctors.  If a doctor wants to specialize in a field, and thus make more money, then of course his tuition fees will not be waived and paid for by the tax-payers.

I find all of this particularly interesting in light of the fact that we were told that Obamacare would fix these problems.  Further, we were told that the conservatives were "lying" about all of the disincentives that were being created in the legislation that would cause many current doctors to thus leave their practices and discourage future potential doctors from ever entering the medical profession.  Evidently, the "lie" was actually the truth all along.

We won't even get into the fact that this shortage of primary care doctors when taken in conjunction with the 30 million more people now being covered by health insurance will create much longer waiting lines, higher costs, and rationing just by looking at the simple supply and demand economics equation of it all.  One adds more patients and has less doctors to treat those patients, then the inevitable results are poorer access and rationing of available doctors and services to all.  Wonderful job there, President Obama!  Thanks!

So now the solution to this shortfall of doctors, that the progressives' own un-Constitutional legislation has created, is to spend even more tax payer dollars in order to solve the problem.  I guess there is no issue that cannot be solved by big government and YOUR money, at least to the liberal mind's way of thinking, and may reality be damned! 


John Myste said...

No matter how absurd Rush is, his disciples hear wisdom. Sometimes I feel like I would love to debate Rush, but then I realize I already have, over and over again.

T. Paine said...

So Mr. Myste, would you please elaborate on what Mr. Limbaugh is being absurd about on this topic, sir?

I think that the true absurdity is the Obamacare Act which has caused this shortage of doctors to occur, and then the need for more government assistance in order to fix the problem they created.

Please argue that point and tell me where I and the great Rush Limbaugh are in error here, sir. :)

For the record, I was just as conservative as I am now before I ever even heard Rush's name. He came along and was able to articulate what I had always thought and known to be true. He is the conservative and truthful version of the idiot Michael Moore on the left.

John Myste said...

The "Obama Care Act." LOL. I hear Obama Care and Affordable Healthcare Act. I usually don't heare that. Very amusing.

As for your desire for me to debate Rush, I refuse, not out of cowardice, but out of interest. The last two times I got into debates about ObamaCare they were very long and I feel it is a little unfair to pick on unarmed republicans in this matter.

T. Paine said...

I see. I will accept your concession statement in the manner in which it was presented, accordingly, my friend!

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