Thursday, June 9, 2011

Andrew Klavan's One State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews

While Andrew Klavan is pointing out the absurdity of the current Middle East peace process by being absurd, he really does make an excellent case for his "one state Israel solution".


Matt@StBlogustine said...

Great find, T!!! This is hilarious.

John Myste said...

Excellent! And while the proposal may not be feasible or just, it is at least as feasible and just as asking Israel to return the boarders to a pre-Six Day War state, which, by the way, is not something the "Palestinians" want either. They want their "people" to be free. Prior to 1967, there was no "free Palestinian people," and the Palestinians as we know them had not even been fabricated yet, so they could not possibly have been a free people.

The Two State solution, as proposed, shows a complete lack of understanding of the problem, and should be dismissed on that basis alone. People should have to learn and articulate the problem and the dangers involved with any solution they propose before their solution is given respect.

T. Paine said...

John, I am going to assume that you are not speaking tongue in cheek, and agree with your well stated sentiments.

John Myste said...

My tongue is nowhere near my cheek in this case. I am proponent of Israel’s right to exist and against the absurd notion that they should give up that right to restore a Palestinian nation that never existed to a people who have shown their commitment to the destruction of the nation whose sponsorship they require.

To return the land, Israel would have to give it back to the enemy that lost it trying to commit genocide against them. This is not the fictitious Palestinian crew. They would have to return it to Syrian, Lebanon and Jordon. All three of those nations need it, because their base of operations for the destruction of Israel has been compromised for nearly half a century now.