Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take This War Seriously, Mr. President!

During the campaign, then-senator Obama promised that if he were elected he would pull out troops from George Bush's war in Iraq and concentrate on the real war on terror in Afghanistan. Well since becoming president, Obama seems to have completely forgotten, or more likely chosen to renege on his promise. He even changed the "war on terror" to some asinine politically correct phrase of "man-caused disaster" so as not to offend our enemies, I suppose.

General McChrystal, the commanding general for the war in Afghanistan, played hell even trying to get a meeting with our commander in chief to discuss the war for the first eight months of Obama's presidency. When they finally did meet, General McChrystal laid out his reasons why he needed at least 40,000 more troops to be deployed in order to accomplish his mission in Afghanistan.

President Obama has since been weighing his options on what to do for the past month and half since then; meanwhile the situation continues to degrade and more unnecessary deaths mount for Afghani's and Americans while Obama dithers around in indecision.

Well it was reported today what Obama's decision will be regarding his choosing of one of the four separate plans presented to him to help win the war in Afghanistan. His choice? None of the above. Obama is not happy with any of these choices and wants everyone to go back to the drawing board on options for him.

His timidity and indecision only emboldens the Taliban and al Queda while weakening the morale of our military as they encounter higher casualties because of the fact that they are spread too thin. This is totally unacceptable for Obama. Either he needs to give the troops requested by General McChrystal to finish the job, or he needs to pull everyone out of the area RIGHT NOW.

Pulling everyone out would have disastrous long-term consequences and would likely kick the can down the road to 2012 when we have a new president in office that will hopefully not be cowardly and will actually look at this war as a necessity for our national security and not a political conundrum.

While I strongly disagreed with most of Obama's past domestic and foreign policy decisions, I tried to keep my personal feelings for him as objective as possible. However, when he shows such huge disregard for our servicemen, let alone our national security, I can no longer give him even the benefit of the doubt. He is a politician in the very worst sense of the word and his landslide defeat to come in 2012 cannot come here soon enough. I will pray for those that are put in harms way needlessly because of his fecklessness and timidity, which will only serve to bolster the courage of our enemies.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this after Obama spent the first two minutes of a national press conference to address the terrorist killings of our soldiers at Fort Hood by giving a shout out to people and discussing native American rights. George W. Bush did a lot, even most things, wrong, but he could be counted on to look out for our servicemen and our country's defense. Evidently this is another way in which Obama chooses not to be like his predecessor.

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