Sunday, November 1, 2009

Demons and Saints

Well, my Halloween was indeed horrifyingly scary when I realized that Reid, Pelosi, and an Obama administration official are getting close to having a vote on a nearly 2000 page health care bill they drafted, which very few (if any) members of congress will even have read at the time of the vote. That should scare every American to think that our flawed health care will become forever more like the DMV, if this Frankenstein bill passes.

Today I do have hope though, for it is "All Saints Day", which is a Holy day of obligation for Catholics. I will go to Mass accordingly in a little while and ask my patron saint to pray to our Lord that our health care is not destroyed by this socialist bill. Perhaps a bit ironically, my patron saint happens to be St. Jude. He was one of the twelve disciples of our Lord and the patron saint of lost or desperate causes.

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