Tuesday, September 11, 2018

All Good Things...

It was perhaps a dozen years ago when I first really started frequenting various blogs on the internet on a regular basis, with most of them being of a political or religious nature.  On one site that I frequented fairly regularly, the host of the blog stated that I seemed to have a lot to say and perhaps I should get my own blog accordingly.  I am relatively certain that he was not being complimentary towards me, but nonetheless, I took up his suggestion and nine years ago today Saving Common Sense was born.

Early on I had some very supportive readers of all political stripes.  Indeed, even those followers with whom my opinions on politics did not match ended up being thoughtful folks with which to debate and share ideas.  Oh, there was always the occasional troll, but by and large I found blogging to be stimulating and interesting as I shared my opinions, thoughts, and ideas with my fellow brothers and sisters in the blogosphere.  Further, based on the feedback I would receive, it appeared that many of my readers felt similarly.

I went through some years where a busy work schedule or my late wife’s illnesses kept me from blogging very much, but I always found my way back to the key board eventually.

I have made some pretty good on-line friends over the years that I would not have met otherwise.  I am grateful that these good folks came into my life accordingly, even if some of these friends are absolute nut jobs when it comes to their politics or world views.  I am sure they chuckle as they are saying the same thing about me.  And that is okay.  With them, we can still agree to disagree and still be friends.  That is as it should be and what I had always intended.

Sadly, in the last few years, things seemed to change and the internet became a far darker and less friendly place.  With it, my tolerance for some of the over-the-top nastiness and hatred has become very thin, to say the least.  It is amazing the “courage” some people find to write the most atrocious things about others when they can do so from the anonymity of the internet.  It is those certain folks that refuse to debate or offer opinions on the issues without conflating it with their political adversaries and making it personal to which I rapidly grew weary.  It is this ugliness and hatred that ultimately made me decide it was time to move on as Saving Common Sense was no longer the forum that I had once intended it to be.

I relished the past days when brilliant, humorous, and never nasty folks such as John Myste would stop by, offer his unique and always interesting insights, and then make me laugh even when poking fun at me.  We have now unfortunately morphed into a place where ugliness grows.  No longer can we good naturedly jibe with our friends and political opposites, it seems.  Now we have to dehumanize, marginalize, and act hatefully in the worst ways towards each other.  Sadly, I have even caught myself falling into this trap on occasion.  I have seen this vileness in some take the forms of questioning another’s faith and salvation to “hoping” that a person’s disease would hurry up and take its course.  I am disgusted by this and the people that think this is okay.  I am trying be a better Christian than I really am, and will continue to pray for these folks.

All of that said, there are still some good folks that don’t share most of my views that still come by and offer their thoughts.  For the Woodenman's and TB3's and a few others out there, I am sorry.  I will miss their viewpoints and conversation.

So it is with regret and a little sadness that I must bring to a close this blog.  As of now, I will leave it up and may or may not allow further comments to be posted, but I will no longer actively be monitoring the site.  Nine years is a good run, but the time has come to move on to better and more fruitful and uplifting projects.  I’ll be sure to post here when the new site is up and running. 

Good wishes and Godspeed to you all!


TB3 said...

I'm still holding out hope that your next endeavor is a travel blog with tons of photos... :)

Thank you, T.Paine, for offering up your space here to the marketplace of ideas. Curating, editting and producing content for a blog should never feel like a chore. Thank you for giving me a place to discuss, argue, and sometimes glibly lob sophomoric jokes at you when I couldn't come up with better responses to your posts. :)

Good luck, I hope what's next is even more enriching, enjoyable and rewarding for you.

T. Paine said...

Thanks TB3. I have enjoyed conversing with you and hearing your thoughts and ideas, even when we did not agree. I do hope you will be a part of the next chapter too. I'll keep you posted!

Majormajor said...

Mr. Paine,,I promise not to wrestle with pigs in the mud on your next blog,,,can't wait to see it.

Rain Trueax said...

It's too bad when it comes to that, but I've seen a lot of nastiness and when celebs encourage it and are excused, can we be surprised. I will miss reading your blog but hope you let it stay up. I'd close comments though as why let it be a market for ideas you wouldn't espouse since you won't be there to moderate or offer the alternative.

If you do decide to end the blog totally, you might consider taking it private and keeping it as someone will take your name for it as soon as you give it up. I know this from experience. There are many blogs out there that people can read but no longer comment, and I think it's a good way when a blog has been exploring serious issues as yours has.

woodenman1954 said...

Well Mr.Paine I assume you will still drop by Tom's site once in a while or are you finished with politics?

Unlike you,I feel calamitous events are just over the horizon, you can ignore the laws of nature, finance and karma for just so long. I do not blame you if you abandon politics as it is a real doom and gloom subject the last few decades.

Whatever happens it was interesting and worthwhile debating with you over the last few years. James

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you for all the years of sharing the platform. While we've had our vivid moments of conflicting viewpoints, I respect the sincerity of your beliefs. While I question your evidence, reasoning and conclusions, I don't question your character as an individual. I'm sure you and I both would lend a hand to a person in desperate peril or need.

Let's not lose sight of that basic decency we share.

Despite your inclinations to blame and accuse people like me, I know you ARE a person of basic decency and personal honesty. You are not a Nazi, just as I am no Stalinist. If that's the limit of our mutual understandings, no harm, no foul.

Trump, Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, industrial polluters, the conservative minority, and the Republicans have won, so you have that for consolation. In government and other affairs of men, the power or wealth usually wins over compassion, equality, justice, and progress. The elite owners of our system will continue to hold their lock on power. That should fill you with pride and purpose. Barring a sudden evolution of conscience and consciousness in our species, your side will continue to prevail until the next economic collapse, unprovoked war, or natural calamity. Such is the cycle.

Until then I can only shine the light of truth and compassion whenever I can.

Enjoy your "greater America" while it lasts, because it cannot endure under this corrupt leadership. Maybe you have an inkling there is something wrong somewhere, and may yet come to understand the reasons why an eleven year old girl would protest, saying, "...what’s going on is not okay".

After all, the future of the planet and of society is hers far more than it is ours.

So for that, I'm with her.

You'll always know where to find me.

Thanks to their victory over democracy, science, equal voting rights, consent of the governed, journalism, education, and decency by Trump and Company's war on truth, we pigs will always have our mud. ;-)

Good luck in your future pleasures and endeavors.

Jerry Critter said...

Well said Dave, and fare thee well TP.

woodenman1954 said...

Tonight is the start of the new season of Dancing with The Stars. Be sure not to miss it!

Majormajor said...

A key question is whether the unanimous consent of the governed is required; if so, this would imply the right of secession for those who do not want to be governed by a particular collective. All democratic governments today allow decisions to be made even over the dissent of a minority of voters, which in some theorists' view, calls into question whether said governments can rightfully claim, in all circumstances, to act with the consent of the governed.

With majority rule.

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Majormajor said...

Jefferson's Guardian is a coward.

Dave Dubya said...

Trump is inspiring and abetting a wave of far Right terrorism. This MAGAt MOB is the real enemy of the people.

And make no mistake, all this hate is the putrid fruit of con-servatism, FOX(R) and the Republican party.

A dark cloud of evil has covered the land. And they accuse liberals of hating America.

This MOB of White Nationalist domestic terrorists, criminals, and traitors is a dangerous threat against our democracy.

Look at what they are doing to voters and voting machines in Georgia. This is their agenda for the nation. Even if Dems take the House, the MAGAt MOB will step up their aggression and violence in their war on democracy.

Count on it.

Majormajor said...

"Blah blah blah"

Dave Dubya.

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Blah, blah has nothing to say, but spreads hate quotes at Degan’s blog: “After weeks of videos of crazed mobs publicly harassing conservatives, do we have a progressive non-exploding 'we're bomb victims' hoax...CNN in particular has been a strident advocate for mob intimidation and even mob violence." Thus quotes the evil white nationalist, Mr. Blah blah, the terrorist sympathizer.

Con-servative "compassion": Pretend to be the victim, while blaming the real victims of hate crimes and Trump inspired terrorism.

Dave Dubya said...

"Owning the libs."

A Week Of American Hate: Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed, Jews Slaughtered.

Welcome to Trump's "greater America".

Majormajor said...

Coming to a state named Michigan soon, right Mr. Blah Blah Blah Dave.

When he was 50, the prophet of Islam took as his wife Aisha, who was then six or seven. The marriage was consummated when Aisha was nine.

This is not a smear. It is an accurate account of authoritative Islamic scripture. (See, e.g., Sahih-Bukhari, Vol. 5, Book 58, Nos. 234–236.) Yet it can no longer safely be discussed in Europe, thanks to the extortionate threat of violence and intimidation — specifically, of jihadist terrorism and the Islamist grievance industry that slipstreams behind it. Under a ruling by the so-called European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), free speech has been supplanted by sharia blasphemy standards.

Majormajor said...

Looks Mr Blah Blah Blah is upset cause his useless blog is getting only 2-5 posts. So to work out his leftist mob anger he goes else where to pick fights.

Same old blah blah blah from Dave..His only solution to the problems caused by Democrats is to attack those who he hates, like President Trump, and me.

SO have at it Blah Blah, your rhetoric is as fake as your name.


Dave Dubya said...

Look who's deflecting to Muslims, just when we have three acts of white nationalist, racist, and Trump-inspired terrorism in one week!

The white nationalist sympathizer declares, "No terrorism there, nosiree!"

Since 9-11, White Nationalists and their right-wing terrorism have been further radicalized by the hateful rhetoric of Trump, and has been keeping pace with violent Jihadists.

Both groups are hate filled cults, of course. And both good Christians and good Muslims condemn that hate.

The American Axis of Evil is a very real and very deadly threat. They are the enemies of freedom, equality, the Constitution, and the good people of America. They are a mob, angered by the hate and lies of their leader, projecting their hate at those who criticize their leader.

This threat is what MM is denying and frantically deflecting from. "Look! Whatabout over there?"

But they just can't hide their emboldened hate.

Dave Dubya said...

Con-servatism is a force driven by hate and lies. MM's partners in evil share in his vile terrorist abetting deflection:

Trump backers who have suggested the bombs are a liberal hoax:

Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Savage
James Woods
Mike Flynn Jr.
Frank Gaffney
Kurt Schlichter
Candace Owens
David Horowitz
John Cardillo
Laura Loomer
Jacob Wohl
Chadwick Moore
John Lott

All "good Christians" too, amirite? Jesus knows their hypocrisy and hate. So does most of America and press, Trump's "enemies of the people".

Pure evil. Time to take our country back from the hate and slime machine of the Party of Trump.

Majormajor said...


hate hate hate

Dave Dave Dave

Dave Dubya said...

Instead of, "It's horrible that MAGA Bomber was induced by such hate"... Instead of, "It's horrible that racist shot those innocent Black people"...Instead of, "It's horrible that white supremacist murdered all those Jews"...

Instead we get:

"Look! Whatabout Muslims?" "Look! a mob!" and then "Look! Whatabout DAVE?"

Muslims, Democrats, Migrants, Blacks and the hated "leftists" are the real problem here, amirite? It's ALL THEIR FAULT!

Just what we hear from those with a white sheet in their closet, next to the tiki torch.

Majormajor said...

Can the angry hate filled leftist denounce the Nation of Islam? Can they denounce the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up a ball base practice?

So far the white extreme leftist Dave can not but instead blames Conservative for causing the hate he so supports.

Not a very find person indeed.

Majormajor said...

#WALKAWAY from Democrats political push hits public radar with D.C. march...

The founder of this political movement came forward with his proposal five months ago. In a video published online in May, Brandon Straka advised disenchanted or disappointed Democrats and liberals should simply “walk away” from the Democratic Party, which he said had embraced left-leaning values and forgotten its calling.

He simply called his new activism #WalkAway, making use of the power of the social media hashtag.

Mr. Straka’s quest has now hit the public radar. Over 5,000 people and 31 public speakers joined him Saturday in person or via video for a march and a rally on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capital. Those speakers included Diamond & Silk, Fox News host Tomi Lahren, and former presidential hopeful Herman Cain. There’s an active website. Though most of the mainstream media has yet to cover the new push, Fox News featured the organizer in a broadcast on Saturday.

“We’re walking away from the Democratic Party and literally walking toward freedom. People are fed up with what’s happening on the left,” Mr. Straka told the network.

President Trump is also aware of the push to convert Democrats to a more Republican way of thinking.

“Walkaway from the Democrat Party movement marches today in D.C. Congratulations to Brandon Straka for starting something very special,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Majormajor said...

AL GORE WAS WRONG (AGAIN): Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dropped Nearly 3% In Trump’s First Year....

The EPA report showed "overall decreases across sectors and that total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions reported decreased by 2.7 percent from 2016 to 2017."

“Thanks to President Trump’s regulatory reform agenda, the economy is booming, energy production is surging, and we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions from major industrial sources,” said EPA acting administrator Andrew Wheeler. “These achievements flow largely from technological breakthroughs in the private sector, not the heavy hand of government. The Trump Administration has proven that federal regulations are not necessary to drive CO2 reductions. While many around the world are talking about reducing greenhouse gases, the U.S. continues to deliver, and today’s report is further evidence of our action-oriented approach.”

Majormajor said...

While the mainstream media quickly labels Cesar Sayoc as a bona fide, Trump-loving, conservative Republican, social media and internet investigation shows the alleged, “MAGA Bomber” listed as a registered Democrat since 1980, (only changing to Republican in 2016,) and reveals multiple social media posts hating Republicans and the GOP, bashing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, posting photos of Bush and Cheney as “war criminals,” and praising Code Pink, “liberal women,” as “the beautiful women of the world.” And that’s only the beginning.


But the left will ignore.

Dave Dubya said...

"Whatabout this? Whatabout that? Whatabout him?"

Whatabout Trump? Didn't he used to say he was a democrat too?

Now all the White Nationalists have joined together with MM. They've seen the light.

Al Gore was wrong about what, again?

Scientific American explains the facts, no thanks to Trump.
PA yesterday trumpeted the United States’ progress in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, tying the reduction to “President Trump’s regulatory reform agenda.”

The problem, according to experts, is that EPA is patting itself on the back for a decline that’s largely due to the rise of natural gas and renewable energy. And that rise is sharply at odds with Trump’s vows to save the struggling domestic coal industry.

“EPA is taking credit for emission reductions that are a direct result of the decline of coal in America,” said John Larsen, an analyst with the Rhodium Group, an economic research firm.

“The president has said he wants to bring back coal in America and put the miners back to work,” Larsen said. “But EPA is taking credit for the opposite.”

EPA yesterday released new data collected under its Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program showing total reported U.S. greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 2.7 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Reported emissions from large power plants also fell 4.5 percent since 2016 and 19.7 percent since 2011.


Majormajor said...

Wow a radical lefty who doesn't believe the EPA...must be his hate is overcoming his loyalty and belief in government..or is ithe believes only liberal government...lol

Majormajor said...

Wonder how the "outstanding(lol)" blog of Dave is doing? Why it had has only 2 posts..So that's why radical Dave is trolling other blogs. He must vent his hate somewhere.

Majormajor said...

Does radical Dave support open borders or does he support the building of the wall...bet he wont tell us. why would that be?

One migrant mob's member admits he's been deported and convicted of attempted murder in the U.S. – he's planning to reenter and request a pardon for his felony | @GriffJenkins pic.twitter.com/n8jFhKV0Sf

Let's move him to Michigan.

Dave Dubya said...

What was Al Gore wrong about again? Cult got your tongue?

"Democrat Party"? No such thing, except in the poisoned minds of the low-information racists, dupes and rubes indoctrinated by the American Axis of Evil.

Radicals? The MAGA Bomber, the white nationalist synagogue shooter, the white nationalist racist Kroger killer in Kentucky are the radicals.

FOX(R), White Nationalists,neo-Nazis, religious hypocrites, racsts, klansmen, and all the other Trumpists, along the anti-democracy, mammon serving Republican Party of Trump are the real radicals.

They are the American Axis of Evil.

THEY are directly responsible for the lies, hate, and division. THEY are enemies of democracy, the Constitution, and consent of the governed. THEY are the serial LIARS, and enemies of truth, compassion, and human decency.

They are the Pharisees and Evil Empire of our time. They are the neo-fascist MAGA MOB.


Dave Dubya said...

The ADL charted the Extremist Murders inspired and committed by the American Axis of Evil


H.E.A.T. Map

(Hate, Extremism, Anti-Semitism Terrorism)

Guess who's doing most of the killing?

Majormajor said...

How"s that liberal leftist hate mongering working for you Dave? America according you loves to hate.

Still supporting kicking conservatives, calling them racists, calling them fascist, getting in their face, shooting at them at ball practice? No HATE there Dave, still not denouncing the Nation Of Islam. No hate there.

You live real close to Canada where all the stars of Hollywood were going to move if Trump won. It's the socialist paradise you've always dreamed of. Why haven't you migrated there?

Wow your blog is up to 3 posts!

Dave Dubya said...

MM needs to deflect from the truth again. Those libs are downright evil for hating racists, Nazis, white supremacists, greedheads, liars, and bigots.

Gotta deflect from that MAGA MOB.

Majormajor said...

What American President said, they bring knife, we bring a gun?

Time to deflect some more Dave? Liberals hate anyone who disagrees with them and play the race, fascist card every time. It's all they've got.

Did you blame B. Sanders for his supporter shooting up the GOP ball practice? Hell no! Do you blame President Trump for every tragic event that happens? Hell yes!

When will Dave and other radical leftist denounce the NOI for their antisemitism positions? When will Dave and other radical leftist denounce the antisemitism towards Jews in the Arab world?

When will Dave and other radical leftist acknowledge the Pittsburgh shooter hates President Trump because Trump supports the Jewish nation of Israel? A position identical to the NOI which the radical left supports.

Does Dave realize that the radical left's position on Israel is akin to Nazism of Germany in the 30's? I blame the radical left and the NOI for the Pittsburgh shooter. I want them to apologize to the Jews. But I am not holding my breath.

Dave Dubya said...

Bernie didn't direct hateful tweets and accusations at the Republican victim.

Trump did just that to all of the MAGA Bomber's targets.

Only a white nationalist would equate the two.

Only a white nationalist Nazi sympathizer would blame liberals for one of their own killing Jews.

Trump said "very fine people" were marching with Nazis.

Just the facts.

Dave Dubya said...

A THIRD bomb threat to CNN after Trump doubles down on "enemy of the people" hate rhetoric.

Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy posted this tweet about three Jews AFTER a bomb was sent to Soros' house.

“We cannot let Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this election”.

Jews will not replace him, amirite?

Majormajor said...

Leftist Protesters Kick, Scream, Punch at Nashville Rally for Marsha Blackburn Featuring Lindsey Graham

Blame President Trump, LOL

Majormajor said...

Nice dodge Dave, but it sucks. So you go along with the racist of the NOI.

Majormajor said...

Question: In what way does the progressive left’s attack on white males differ in essence from what the Nazis said about the Jews in the 1930s? (Asking for a friend. . .)

Just the Facts! said...

The DNC headquarters was evacuated today after a suspicious package arrived. Turns out it was a copy of the Constitution.

Jerry Critter said...

Let’s see who the terrorists are. Let’s look at recent history, say 2017 - 2018.

Left wing terror attacks - 4

Right wing terror attacking - 1052


Majormajor said...

Gee Jerry, you better re read your link before claiming Right wing terror ATTACKING -

Extremist Murders 15
Terrorist Plots & Attacks 11
Extremist/Police Shootouts 4
White Supremacist Events 120
White Supremacist Propaganda 905
Anti-Semitic Incidents 27

Having an event is a terror attack, does that include BLM events?
How is ANY Propaganda a terror attack?
Anti-Semitic incidents, does that include the speeches of Louis Farrakhan? Are the beliefs of the NOI and their events propaganda, or anti-semitic?

I'm sure you would agree with me that any murder or shootout is bad regardless of who is involved..And I'm sure you would agree that there were more than 15 murders and police shootouts than 4 in the time span you listed.

So here's the questions, what makes some murders extremist and others not? What makes some shootouts extremist and others not? What is an "incident"? Why is citing the black on white murder rate provided by the Holder DOJ racism, but listing only white crime not?

There is lot of evil in this world, but it is not exclusive domain of any one race.

Majormajor said...


"Louis Farrakhan's recent comparison of Jews to termites, combined with his long history of rabid anti-semitism is conveniently ignored by the media (that would be the same media supposedly controlled by the Jews). Linda Sarsour, the Hamas Louse, a leader of the Women's March is equally disgusting in her Joo-hate and continues to be championed by the likes of Senator Kirsten Jello-Brains. Fla. Governor candidate Andrew Gillum refuses to disavow the bust-out anti-semitic Dream Defenders, Ilhan Omer in Minnesota ain't to thrilled with the Heeb weather-controllers in Jerusalem, while her mentor Keith Ellison who hangs tight with Nation of Islam members. And then there's Bernie Sanders who despite getting clipped at 8-days old is, like his false-god Karl Marx has a hate on for all things Israel and Jewish."


Did these fine people make your list?

Dave Dubya said...

MM loves him some white nationalist hate.

Majormajor said...

And DD loves the racist NOI.

This is SOP for the radical lefty named Dave Dubya, that when he can't handle the truth, to roll out the race card...it's all he's got. It is the foundation on which the radical left has built their power. Vote for us and we will undo slavery and racism, forgetting the Civil War and the War on Poverty or our 1st black President. Mean time, here's a food stamp, here's a welfare check. Be sure to vote for us and we will give you just enough to get by.

DD is in the dark on how much the walk away movement and it's black membership is effecting the black vote. If you wake up to the liberal racist plot, and become a Conservative, then your are fool, or stupid to quote DD.

It's "white nationalist hate" to point the errors in Jerry's post or to even question his post. Or present other facts. This is a perfect example of the radical left's authoritarianism...you must conform to their views or you are a, what Dave, a racist, fascist, white supremacist (even if you are black, LOL)?

The true hate of the left is being exposed every day. Thank you DD.

Dave Dubya said...

“If you wake up to the liberal racist plot,”...you are a paranoid conspiracy nut or white nationalist.

Majormajor said...

Still in love with the NOI Dave?

Dave Dubya said...

White Nationalists seem obsessed with NOI. I wonder why...

If there were a "liberal racist plot" why would they love the NOI? Why would liberals side with Jews gunned down by a Trumpist racist?

Someone is making no sense, apart from deflection by projecting his own bigotry.

Meanwhile the white nationalist Trump is calling the Black candidate for Florida governor a "thief".

I wonder why? Is it part of the white nationalist racist plot?

Jerry Critter said...

Here’s another set of graphs covering 2008 to 2017.

Majormajor said...

Dave, I bet YOU Do WONDER WHY, since your refuse to call the NOI for their racism, you must support their positions. If the shoe fits Dave, wear it.

Sorry Jerry, if you haven't figured it out by now, that dog will not hunt.

Majormajor said...


This going to upset the liberal plantation owners..good.

Majormajor said...

New Evidence Suggests Planned Parenthood Lied To Congress About Aborted Baby Part Profits
The Center for Medical Progress submitted evidence to a federal judge to back up a new accusation Planned Parenthood may have lied to Congress.


If the leaders of the next March For Life in DC announced they were going to march right through a Planned Parenthood office then every Democrat in the country would demand that law enforcement deployed enough force to stop them. The adults arrested would be separated from the minors they were with just as happens EVERY TIME someone is detained for breaking the law in this country. It wouldn't matter if they had to use the national guard or any other military support, it wouldn't matter that many of the marchers are women and children. Democrats would demand that the law be enforced. They would see with crystal clarity the threat that would be posed if the March were to be allowed to go through simply because of the logistical or even humanitarian difficulties in stopping it. They would castigate the organizers for putting those women and children at risk and sing the praises of the law enforcement officers as they explained that even if we don't agree on abortion we should all agree that the law must be enforced unless and until we have changed it through the process we have for changing the law. And they would be right.

But when the caravan arrives look for them to wring their hands about how it wouldn't really do anyone any harm to let them enter the country illegally, and how surely the law enforcement/military response is "disproportionate." Look for them to make a martyr out of anyone who is hurt trying to enter this country illegally and to make a villain out of any law enforcement or military member trying to enforce the law. They'll use words like "refugee" and "asylum" to describe people who left Honduras and refused to stop in Mexico. They'll be terrified of the possibility that those arrested might be separated from the minors with them and they'll have all sorts of colorful ways of calling you a racist if you won't join them in their outrage. It will be yet another example that where principles should be, the mouthpieces of the Democrat party have only a thirst for power.

Majormajor said...

What president said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun?


Dave Dubya said...

As long as we're showing the propaganda of the far Right, here is the Breitbart headline that fed into the Synagogue killer's Trump inspired hate:

"Anti-Trump ‘Jewish Rally for Refugees’ Organizer Funded by Obama Government to Resettle Refugees"

Innocent Jews were massacred because of these lies and hate.

This is the hate now employed by the alt-Right American Axis of Evil.

It's all part of "Owning the libs" to MM.

Majormajor said...

How's your buddy Louis doing Dave? Celebrating the death of 11 Jews?

What president said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun?

Majormajor said...

Five Terrorists Who Obama Released In Exchange For Bergdahl Have Re-Joined The Taliban

Obama was such a fubar of leader

Majormajor said...

Hillary Clinton jokes 'THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE'
Hillary Clinton -"joked"- about how black men like Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and former Attorney General Eric Holder "all look alike."

Racism anyone??

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hey Timmy, where were you when I visited DFW a couple of weeks ago? I met your challenge...you wimped out. Pussy.

Timmy...or do you prefer to be called Vern? You're just another KKK Koward, aren't ya?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hey T. Paine (aka "Mr. Constitution" ;-), what do you think about your boy's declaration that he's going to subvert the Constitution's 14th Amendment through executive order?

Fascism has openly arrived in America, wouldn't you say? Are you happy yet?

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Constitution never responded to my question about the Emoluments Clause. But we know the answer. IOKIYAR.

"Racism anyone?" The American Axis of Evil has a tingle up their legs now. Fascists are thrilled about troops mobilizing to "protect us" from the "Brown Invaders".

More racism: Trump is calling the Black candidate for governor of Florida a "thief". The Georgia candidate is rigging the election and suppressing black voters.

The same is happening in Kansas and elsewhere.

Vern's a coward, of course. He can't even write his own blog, let alone meet with someone he taunts into confrontation.

The fanatic MAGAts keep proving they are bigots, idiots, racists, liars, moral cowards and hypocrites.

They are all unabashed enemies of democracy and equality. They are not "taking America back". They are killing a democratic republic.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Vern's a coward, of course. He can't even write his own blog, let alone meet with someone he taunts into confrontation." ~~ Dave Dubya

Vern's whole modus operandi is ad hominem attacks, especially toward other's blogs, when he doesn't have a leg to stand on -- which is always.

Of course, he also attacked me for his own stupidity when he revealed his true[blood] name in his hysteria to plant more copy-and-paste to support another one of his racist claims.

Needless to say, it was a priceless gem! ;-) Worth all the tea in China!

"They are killing a democratic republic." ~~ Dave Dubya

Day by day, bit by bit -- all in the service of the ungrateful billionaire class. Their inability to see this reality is frightening.

Majormajor said...

Coward JG, I had 2 family members at your departure airport with a sign with your name on it..they were looking for you. Like the lying coward you are, you never showed up, you never got on the plane. You just lied.

Remember I told you I had family who worked in Intel. who lived near you? I'd mail you the photos they took if you weren't too afraid to give me your home address.

Well DD I see you got your 'best buddy' back now can start your tag team posting. Tell me Dave, why can't you function without JG?

Majormajor said...

How's your buddy Louis doing Dave? Celebrating the death of 11 Jews?

What president said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun?

Five Terrorists Who Obama Released In Exchange For Bergdahl Have Re-Joined The Taliban

Obama was such a fubar of leader

Hillary Clinton jokes 'THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE'
Hillary Clinton -"joked"- about how black men like Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and former Attorney General Eric Holder "all look alike."

Racism anyone??

The response from the radical leftist...crickets.

p.s. JG is a lying coward

Dave Dubya said...

I had 2 family members at your departure airport with a sign with your name on it..

Just what a coward would do.

Dave Dubya said...

It's who they are. More of the American Axis of Evil

Former University of Kentucky basketball players Rex Chapman and Mike Pratt called for their Hall of Fame plaques to be removed from the Kentucky Expo Center on Tuesday.

Nazi Christmas ornaments, Confederate flags and a Ku Klux Klan robe were among the items spotted at the National Gun Day show at the Kentucky Expo Center.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Remember I told you I had family who worked in Intel. who lived near you? I'd mail you the photos they took if you weren't too afraid to give me your home address." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood

If you truly had relatives in Intel, you'd already know my name...and residential address.

But of course, you don't. Nice try...sort of.

I know, though, that you're a KKKoward. That didn't take too much "intel" to figure out. DFW proved that to me.

Majormajor said...


How do you know I don't?
Do you know I want YOU to publish your info here for all to read?
Sure I could publish your personal info, but that's beneath my standards. I'll leave the low class coward behavior to you. And to your a$$ hole buddy Dave.

Two losers in a pod, still defending the NOI, cause it reflects THEIR true anti-Semitic and racist beliefs. Which president was it that said if they bring a knife we bring a gun?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"How do you know I don't [know your name and address]?" ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood

Because if you did, you would tell the world. You don't, so therefore you can't.

You wish you did, 'cause it's eatin' you alive that I know all about you and you know essentially nothing about me.


"Sure I could publish your personal info, but that's beneath my standards." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood

You have no standards. Racists never do.

Dave Dubya said...

The latest evil, hate, and fear employed by The American Axis of Evil.

The Washington Post reports:

Trump’s new immigration ad was panned as racist. Turns out it was also based on a falsehood.

Luis Bracamontes was deported and returned under President George W. Bush. He was also released by Joe Arpaio's office years before killing two deputies.

Time to blame Soros, Dems, and the libs, amirite?

All who support and appease the Party of Trump are wittingly or unwittingly siding with evil. Period.

As long as Trump hates liberals, they are his minions.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

So once again, our feeble-minded adversary is totally off-base in his accusations about Luis Bracamontes.

Dave, I sometimes feel like we're the Harlem Globetrotters and Timmy is the ever-losing Washington Generals. One difference, though, our game isn't fixed.

His is.

Dave Dubya said...

Two Presidential Reactions to the California Fires:

“Michelle and I are heartbroken for everybody who’s lost so much in California, and grateful for the heroism of the firefighters who’ve been risking their lives around the clock to save others. Please do what you can to help our fellow Americans in need:”

“There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!”

One is clearly a vile ignorant asshole. Some dare call him evil.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, it's very easy to pick the asshole. No-brainer.

Evil...to the core.

T. Paine said...

Wow. I walked away and left the door open for continued hateful rhetoric.

The religious fervor of these "non-religious" leftists is amazing. "We believe in nothing but political correctness, the power of the state, identity politics, and the demise of capitalism."

Everything to the right of center in their world is corrupt, evil, and hateful, while the left demands more of their debts and responsibilities to be paid for by the evil rich, which of course are all Republicans. (Soros, Bezos, and Hollywood millionaires are all philanthropists and therefore not subject to the evil rich meme.)

The left decry the ruination of Democracy at the hands of Putin and Trump. Being indoctrinated in liberal schools by incompetent or agenda-driven teachers, they don't realize that America is a republic and the founders were leery of democracy due to many inherent faults, thus they put in filters into the constitution to prevent mob-rule based on the whims of trendy group-think cretins that fail to recognize the ramifications of some of their actions. What the Left fails to denounce is the real foreign influence in our voting process, as millions of illegal aliens try to storm our borders to become "citizens" while holding on to their native cultures and denouncing the evil America that they wish would provide them everything from the womb to the tomb. (Assuming you make it out of the womb alive, with the "pro-choice" crowd's full embrace of the culture of death.)

Yep, it is Trump, conservatives, and the constitution that they fear, while twisting and projecting their hate and bile as being products of their enemies. They are the true perpetrators of this cold civil war. I pray that we can reconcile excesses on both sides, but especially on the hateful and destructive left, before this cold war ever turns hot.

I fear that the America we all knew may be doomed though, as the militant leftists have seized control of much of the media, the educational institutions, and the culture. It is hard to overcome the indoctrination and faith-based propaganda of these people as we have already ceded so much ground to them. Any word spoken contrary to their "beliefs" is labeled as hate. It is ironically an Orwellian world they are creating while fearing that the Right is guilty of such a creation. Prayer may be our only effective remaining weapon. God help us and bless our nation.

Dave Dubya said...

Is Mr. Paine playing the victim again, saying, “WAAH! Mean leftist commies!”? It’s certainly an effective tool to employ when the facts cannot be credibly disputed.

Saying, “Your buddy Louis (Farrakhan)” is OKIYAR, obviously. Liberals are commie Muslim racists, donchaknow.

We see the usual white nationalist hysteria about the dreaded brown invaders, with children yet. GAS those little invaders!

More “liberal schools by incompetent or agenda-driven teachers” again. Trump has no agenda. Schools bad. FOX/Limbaugh good. Got it.

Time for a much needed lecture from our leading Constitutional Authority:

”...they don't realize that America is a republic...”

Yes we do. This is just another lie about us. They never tire of their lies. They arrogantly believe they know what we think, yet are incapable of understanding us, or debating with facts and reason.

A republic is “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” And how do they get elected again? That’s right kids. By voters in a democratic election, aka democracy. (a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.)

the founders were leery of democracy due to many inherent faults, thus they put in filters into the constitution to prevent mob-rule based on...”

The founders NEVER equated democracy with mob rule. This is a far Right con-servative propaganda lie.

In fact the founders held the highest of democratic ideals and stated it openly in the Declaration of Independence. “Consent of the governed” was their ideal.

Then the racists of the South demanded an electoral college, and more representation for the slave owners. Three-fifths was their arbitrary value assigned to slaves. They demanded representation of these people for themselves, didn’t they? Yes. So much for consent of the governed. Many states have had an overwheling majority of Democratic voters, yet Republicans own the state Houses. Guess what kids. That ain’t a republic. It is a rigged system of certain voters having more power than others. Like an aristocracy or dictatorship by the minority. Not a republic.

This line of reasoning and facts will be dismissed as hate, of course.

Our Constitution expert never responded to my question about the Emoluments Clause. I wonder why? IOKIYAR or Trump, amirite?

And look! More far Right dogma direct from FOX(R) and Limbaugh.

"We believe in nothing but political correctness, the power of the state, identity politics, and the demise of capitalism."

What could they say if they couldn’t lie about us? BTW, Trump personifies the identity politics of white nationalists. He has earned admiration from David Duke. (This will be called hateful.)

”Yep, it is Trump, conservatives, and the constitution that they fear, while twisting and projecting their hate and bile as being products of their enemies. They are the true perpetrators of this cold civil war.”

Anyone having Trump, conservatives, and the Constitution sharing the same subject is devoid of basic understanding of each of them. Emoluments again? Crickets. Denying the Black guy’s Constitutional Supreme Court appointment? IOKIYAR.

How do you tell a cult it was their leaders that first accused the opposition of hating America? You can’t. You can’t tell them anything.

What kind of ill-informed person would say the side with most voter support is “Orwellian” as their leader lies constantly and demands imprisonment of political opposition?

Ya got me. Sounds like a cult member to me.

Dave Dubya said...

Just for perspective on how radicalized the white nationalist Party of Trump has become.

George H. W. Bush voted for Hillary. That is a fact.

He and McCain demonstrated the final acts of Republican decency.

All that is gone.

Unknown said...

Half of the time, I am not even sure with whom Mr. Dubya is debating. He references things that were not said by me and simply applies his Left/Hate filter into what he assumes his political adversaries “really mean”, all the while complaining that we put words and thoughts into THEIR heads. He decries hate while spewing nothing but hate. He decries the mean spiritedness of the GOP, and sometimes with valid points, and yet NEVER acknowledges this from his own beloved Leftist shock troops, let alone from himself. When this is pointed out, he projects his own snowflake victimization on the Right. Waah, indeed!

Next, I never mentioned Farrakhan, so again I don’t know with whom he is arguing; however, some Leftists are indeed communist Muslim racists. That does not make up the entirety of the left though.

Continuing, despite the hateful racist crap Mr. Dubya continues to spew with his propaganda, I never once mentioned white supremacy or “dreaded brown invaders”. Of course in the Leftist world where America is almost always at fault, we should simply welcome people climbing our border walls, throwing rocks and debris at our border guards, and simply open the gates and allow them asylum. Dispersing a riot on our national border with tear gas, as has been done for decades in such circumstances, even by Leftist messiah Obama, as a non-lethal alternative is an unforgivable sin to them. One wonders what the omnipotent Dubya would have the border patrol do? Lay down their arms and welcome these people in without any further consequences? Perhaps he can share his home with some of these otherwise law-abiding folks.

Moving on, I never claimed Trump doesn’t have an agenda. He absolutely does. Some aspects of it are even beneficial to America. (Perhaps that is part of their frustration.) That said, I agree that parts of his agenda are very bad. That doesn’t erase the fact that a vast majority of our schools are staffed with teachers that are incompetent in the subjects which they teach or are presenting their subjects with a decidedly biased leftist bent. That is not supposition but fact. The NEA is one of the most powerful unions in the nation and is comprised overwhelmingly of leftist teachers. Hell, even look at the curriculum in our schools and colleges today and your will see the PC and identity politics influence throughout. Hell, more millennials think that George. W. Bush is responsible for more deaths than Stalin, Lenin, or Hitler. A recent study showed more of them preferred socialism and communism over capitalism while being ignorant of the hundreds of millions of people killed under the former regimes just in the 20th century alone. Does that speak of teachers doing a good job in educating our students?

Unknown said...

Next, Mr. Dubya realizes on paper that America is a republic but evidently has no idea what that really means. The founders structured our government with checks and balances and filters to limit direct democratic influence, as they knew that many people did not have the time nor education on the issues and candidates to always render informed votes if we were a pure democracy. This is why we have SCOTUS members APPOINTED by the president rather than elected. It is why we originally had our U.S. Senators appointed by our states’ legislatures before the progressive hysteria and yellow journalism of the likes of William Hearst prompted the passing of the 17th amendment. If we were to repeal the 17th amendment and have state legislatures appoint our U.S. Senators once again, I dare say we would have a federal government more responsive to states issues and rights once again, instead of the smaller and often redundant version of the House of Representatives that the senate has now become. (The House, by the way, was the only federal body where direct democratic elections were desired by the founders.) Finally, we have the electoral college as a filter in our presidential elections so that the potential tyranny of large states would not outweigh the small states in all matters. If we were to repeal the electoral college, as our leftist friends currently want, then presidential elections would be decided by only a handful of states such as California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. No candidate would waste time, money, or effort outside of those states. The other 40 to 45 states in the union and their wishes would be neglected or ignored. Of course this is okay with the left since most of the big states are also leftist bastions of socialism and failed policies.

Yes, we must always have the consent of the governed, but it should be an informed consent and protection of the rights of the minority cannot be sacrificed in doing so. These filters that our founders so brilliantly provided for us ensure that our rights remain for ALL Americans. Mr. Dubya should perhaps spend some time reading James Madison’s Federalist Paper 51, since Madison was the primary author of our United States Constitution. Perhaps then he will acknowledge the fear of our founders regarding the “tyranny of the majority” if we were to be a Democracy instead of a republic protecting everyone’s rights.

“The founders NEVER equated democracy with mob rule. This is a far Right con-servative propaganda lie.” ~ Dubya

So is this “lie” born out of Dubya’s ignorance or perhaps out of a leftist agenda… or both?

Unknown said...

Oh, and to further discount Dubya’s inaccurate revisionist history evidently taught to him by leftist or incompetent teachers, the electoral college was not simply a tool for the “racist” south to gain power. It was done so small states, including in the north like Rhode Island and Delaware, would not be overrun in our government by large states like Virginia and New York. It was the reason we had created a bicameral congress with a Senate where each state has two senators, regardless of its size, while the House was apportioned according to the states’ population.

Of course we have intellectual bastions on the left like Joy Behar complaining about more Republicans winning senate races because of gerrymandering. Evidently she doesn’t realize that state boundaries cannot be arbitrarily moved for elections. Every eligible voter residing in that state gets to vote for their senators. And to think that Behar is “educating” millions of women that watch The View with her crap.
And again, I stated on this very blog that the Senate was wrong for not holding a hearing on Obama’s SCOTUS nomination. Evidently you are mad at other conservatives besides me on that issue.

Lastly, if one’s political opposition is ACTUALLY guilty of crimes that are proven in a court of law, shouldn’t that person be imprisoned? Or does that only apply if they are a Republican? I find it amazing the reasons the left will create to excuse wrongdoing of great degrees by their own while having to create lies of “Russian collusion” in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president, WHOM I DID NOT VOTE FOR! Who is truly a member of a cult and lacking in decency there? Indeed!!!

Unknown said...

Dang it! "Unknown" is actually T. Paine in the preceding three comments.

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Paine,

Thank you for your thoughts. I’m sorry you see only hate in my remarks. None intended, but I sense you regard strong disagreement and information counter to your assertions, accusations, and beliefs as hate. No evidence based rebuttal was offered.

I never once mentioned white supremacy or “dreaded brown invaders”. . Not in those words. Your wording was, “the Left fails to denounce is the real foreign influence in our voting process, as millions of illegal aliens try to storm our borders...” Last I recall, those who “storm our borders” are invaders. Correct me if I am mistaken. This is not hate.


“Leftist shock troops” Really? Are they too, “storming our borders?” The accusation is vague with no evidence cited again. I have always denounced violence from antifa, and anyone else, but this fact cannot impact a cemented ideological belief.

“Lies of Russian collusion”? Again, no evidence cited. The Trump tower meeting with Russian agents really happened. Jr. was thrilled to get Russian info on Hillary.

Drama aside, let’s focus on facts, please.

After all this talk about the Constitution, I can’t help but wonder if you are familiar with the Emoluments clause...

Here is what we fought for, and what today’s progressive patriots continue to fight for:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The Declaration of Independence valued “Consent of governed” as our highest ideal, to secure our equality, and rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sometimes our Constitution failed to meet these values and ideals.

The founders were people, therefore flawed. They understood the Constitution could also be flawed, and therefore open amendment, didn’t they?

The Constitution begins with “We the people”, not “We the wealthy” or “We the corporations” or even “We the states”.

We the people in our modern age have access to more information than early citizens, so the founders electoral justification that there would be remote uninformed voters no longer applies.

We the people are the governed. It is a democratic republic with elected leaders. When the leaders rig the elections to favor a minority in power, they are at war with representative democracy.

The Party of Trump has become “destructive of these ends”. The Senate is innately destructive to these ends. Gerrymandering is destructive to these ends. Voter suppression is destructive to these ends. The sabotage of Sore Loser Republicans in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan are very much destructive to these ends. These are all attacks on democracy, our right to representation, and the consent of the governed.

Nobody is advocating a pure democracy of votes on every law and rule. We accept democratic representation for this, not mob rule, as the radical Right smear machine would have us believe.

Dave Dubya said...


The electoral college was forged from the pits of slavery, NOT Rhode Island. In fact Rhode Island was not even represented in the Committee of Eleven that fabricated the Electoral College:

Abraham Baldwin (GA)
David Brearly (NJ)
Pierce Butler (SC)
Daniel Carrol (MD)
John Dickinson (DE)
Nicholas Gilman (NH)
Rufus King (MA)
James Madison (VA)
Gouvernour Morris (PA)
Roger Sherman (CT)
Hugh Williamson (NC)

Seven of the eleven were slave states. In 1789 only Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Hampshire were not slave states.

As noted by Time Magazine:

Pennsylvanian James Wilson proposed direct national election of the president. But the savvy Virginian James Madison responded that such a system would prove unacceptable to the South: “The right of suffrage was much more diffusive [i.e., extensive] in the Northern than the Southern States; and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes. In other words, in a direct election system, the North would outnumber the South, whose many slaves (more than half a million in all) of course could not vote. But the Electoral College—a prototype of which Madison proposed in this same speech—instead let each southern state count its slaves, albeit with a two-fifths discount, in computing its share of the overall count.

Virginia emerged as the big winner—the California of the Founding era—with 12 out of a total of 91 electoral votes allocated by the Philadelphia Constitution, more than a quarter of the 46 needed to win an election in the first round. After the 1800 census, Wilson’s free state of Pennsylvania had 10% more free persons than Virginia, but got 20% fewer electoral votes.

Perversely, the more slaves Virginia (or any other slave state) bought or bred, the more electoral votes it would receive.”

Now for our common ground:

”Yes, we must always have the consent of the governed, but it should be an informed consent and protection of the rights of the minority cannot be sacrificed in doing so.”

Agreed. The problem is the minority is chiseling at the voting and representation rights of the majority now.

And I agree we have a problem with education. The Right’s ideological war on unions, teachers and public education is a big reason education is falling short. Often textbooks must be approved and edited by conservatives, not teachers. In Texas they are calling slaves “immigrants”, revising the Civil War, and erasing Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from history.

TB3 said...


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Ouch"...indeed! ;-)

The more Mr. Paine rails against public education, of which I'm sure he's a product, the more the diluted and distorted truth of his 1960s/1970s education exposes - yet ironically supports -- his own jaded viewpoint and bias against today's teachers and younger learners of constitutional and early United States history.

I'm genuinely surprised Mr. Paine couldn't even commit to his bloated promise to leave Saving Common Sense forever. He couldn't even last three months. He titled his post, "All Good Things..." I guess he didn't think it was. ;-)

Oh well, even the Eagles swore they would never tour "until hell freezes over". LOL

Dave Dubya said...

I'm thankful for one last opportunity to share a couple points of common ground with Mr. Paine. I'm a uniter, not a divider.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, rereading Mr. Paine's lengthy monologues of opinioned meanderings - still accusing and labeling today's mass media as being a monolith of leftest propaganda, instead of the amoral corporate collective that it really is, not to mention his antiquated views of our schools and universities as cesspools of liberal thought and viewpoints -- I find it totally improbable I'll ever find any common ground with him.

These topics have been battered back and forth with him far too many times, and still he refuses to see and concede to reality of the corportisation and dominance of the media and our higher education system by the tremendous wealth and power exerted by Wall Street and the likes of Sinclair and the Koch brothers.

He's blind to the overhaul that's taken place since the Reagan years, or even as recently as when Bill Clinton ruled the roost.

The economy, and culture, has been totally transformed, yet he still throws around outdated terms like "liberal media".

It's hard to find common ground, more likely impossible, when there's not even a common language.

Mr. Paine should wind up his reunion tour and pull the plug. His songs are now irrelevant and nobody's listening to his outdated tunes anymore. He's ready for the oldies station on AM radio.

Dave Dubya said...


Mr. Paine believes he is right. He believes in conservatism.

Conservative beliefs are immutable because conservatism is a religion to them. It is faith based, but authoritarian to the degree they accept what their leaders say it is. Remember their outrage at deficits? Conservatives say deficits are an evil, but they quickly abandoned that stance if the rich and corporations get huge tax cuts, or they get their war fever agitated. The “law and order” party is now undermining our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to protect their Dear Leader.

Conservatism used to have a moral grounding. Family values, personal and fiscal responsibility, and basic decency used to be prevalent. Not so much anymore. Now In practical terms conservatism is entirely dedicated to the entrenched power of the economic elites and the upward redistribution of wealth to the ruling class.

That is their unspoken bottom line.

They often express outrage and victimhood feeling their religious freedom is threatened by having to provide service or do business with gays or Muslims. Yet many have expressed their opposition to Muslims or gays or atheists in government. As if they are not “We the people” too.

History has shown conservatives have never been comfortable with change or equality. They resisted independence, the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights Act. Not a very inspiring record. Now they have spawned a Trump Presidency.

Every system of belief has its own bubble, even progressivism, but the difference is one side is more grounded in fact, fairness, and science. They tend to think they know better of what we think than we do. They don’t want to see progressives also having family values, personal and fiscal responsibility and decency.

Conservatism is about purity of dogma. None of it can be challenged, for it is as seen as absolute truth and incorruptible, as in Papal infallibility.

This is why it melds tightly with the fundamentalism of the evangelicals. There is almost no fact, reason, or logic that can penetrate those who hold to political beliefs as absolute as their religion.

There is a reason a narcissistic ignorant brute like Trump can only get a cult following from conservatives. Conservatives are more authoritarian. This is simply a fact of human nature.

The most open minded, intelligent, less authoritarian, and decent Republicans have come out to denounce the cult of Trumpism. They understand it has become a cult and have left the Party of Trump.

Jerry Critter said...

There is a reason that there is a strong relationship between conservatism and religion, particularly fundamentalists. Both are taught from a very early age to believe what they are told. Do not think. Do not question. BELIEVE! Believe what your leader/priest SAYS. What is said is the truth, not what your eyes see, ears hear, or mind tell you.

Dave Dubya said...

This is why I call modern American conservatism a cult. It is a belief system not to be questioned.

I have to laugh at the Right's continued fondness for their derogatory term for Obama, the "Messiah".

I don't recall ANYONE proclaiming, "Jesus sent us Obama to save America".

But for Trump, we see it all the time. IOKIYAR. We KNOW Jesus sent HIM to save America, amirite?

I'm also amused at their resentment for the dreaded NPR and PBS. I don't recall any Democratic president relying on them for talking points and propaganda, or being used as an employment agency like Trump does with FOX(R).

Look at the dimwit the Orange Fuhrer wants to make UN ambassador!

Once again, IOKIYAR. Hypocrisy and double standards are not in conservatism's vocabulary.

Dave Dubya said...

I understand that, by being facts, this information will be deemed hateful.

Payroll growth scorecard:

Obama’s last 23 months vs Trump’s first 23 months

Total hired: 4,850,000 vs. 4,460,000

Average monthly gain: 211.000 vs.194,000

So far the Black Guy has made America greater than the LIAR who said the Black Guy was not American born.

Unknown said...

“I’m sorry you see only hate in my remarks.” ~ Dubya

Mr. Dubya, it has long been the case that anyone with whom you disagree has been labeled an authoritarian or a racist or relying solely on their amygdala, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum by you. Such is your first amendment right; however, it destroys any credibility towards objectivity and truth that you purport to have. The only ones that accept your assertions, theories, and wild-eyed propaganda at face value are those that already believe precisely as you do. And it IS a “belief” often times and not grounded in fact. Something to consider: Perhaps I see hate in your remarks because there IS hate in your remarks. You have continuously labeled those that are conservative or supportive of Trump as being evil or complicit in evil. Not only is that often demonstrably false, but it exacerbates the hate and indecency which you claim to abhor, sir. Dehumanization always ends badly in the world’s history.

As for illegal aliens storming our borders, well… what word would you use for a mass of foreign nationals attempting to gain illegal access to our nation, particularly by means of assault through throwing rocks at our border agents? I have no problem with labeling them as would-be “invaders”. What I take offense to is your consistent, persistent, and hateful penchant for always bringing race into a discussion when it is simply not a factor. At least as far as the issue deals with me, you are the only one that cares what color their skin is evidently. I am looking at the content of their characters, or lack thereof in this case.

“ ‘Lies of Russian collusion’? Again, no evidence cited.” ~ Dubya

How do I cite evidence of something that does not exist? Really? When did you stop beating your wife? Provide evidence, please.

Truly if there was any collusion with Russia, it was done by Hillary when she was Secretary of State, and her campaign in 2016. As for your oft cited emoluments clause, if any CREDIBLE proof of illegal (foreign or otherwise) influence via bribery, favors, etc. can be ascertained to have occurred to any public official, that official should be removed from office and tried for any appropriate crimes accordingly. This goes for Trump, the Clintons, or anyone. For the record, there was far more evidence of Hillary being guilty of this with all of the unseemly donations by foreign nationals and governments to the Clinton Foundation when she was still Secretary of State. But let’s not get bogged down in the facts.

“We the people in our modern age have access to more information than early citizens, so the founders electoral justification that there would be remote uninformed voters no longer applies.” ~ Dubya

I don’t know why I ever expected any acknowledgement from you regarding the additional reasons for the electoral college that the Founders established. It goes against the Leftist agenda. As for the public being more informed today, you cannot seriously say that with a straight face. I’d be willing to bet that most college students can better name all of the Kardashians far quicker then they could name the Vice President or the Speaker of the House today. (Let alone know about the merits and detractions of any legislation under consideration.)

Unknown said...

“When the leaders rig the elections to favor a minority in power, they are at war with representative democracy.” ~ Dubya

I agree. Unfortunately, at least in the case of gerrymandering, it is something that both parties are guilty of and have gone to great lengths to avoid crossing the line with it into illegalities. I don’t like it, but until we put forth specific legislation to eliminate it, it will continue. It will continue especially when the left gains control of congress once again, and then it will cease to be an issue for you… right?

By the way, Rhode Island was not represented because they CHOSE to not send representatives to the constitutional convention. George Washington had to threaten the state to even ratify the constitution. By the way, Connecticut and New Hampshire were also small states whose interests were supported by a bicameral congress insuring two senators per state along with the creation of the electoral college. I fully well acknowledge the evils of slavery and the influence it played in the writing of the Constitution with its 3/5ths clause. It is a black mark that was later amended. Pragmatically, that evil was allowed to continue at the time in order to form our union. Without that compromise, we would probably still be speaking British English instead of American English, and I hate spelling color and favor with a “u”. 😊

Regardless, where true voter suppression, rigging of elections, and malfeasance of officials regarding vote counting (Snipes in Florida), all Americans should rise above party and stamp this out completely. Picture I.D. is not voter suppression. Making the obtaining of such I.D. exceptionally difficult should never be allowed either. I think we can both agree on these things.

Ouch indeed.

Oh, and for the record, I am indeed a product of public education, but evidently that was back in the day when teachers were actually expected to be experts at their subjects. History, economics, and civics were taught and personal responsibility was demanded and enforced. If we broke the rules, Mommy and Daddy did not threaten to sue the principal. They whipped our butts and grounded us. Perhaps that is why my generation has a lot more folks willing to provide for themselves instead of insisting that they are victims of oppression and needing of the government to help them.

Finally, I checked the status of my old blog and found some 60 plus comments on the last post that contained a lot of the same bilge as every other post’s comments, hence my desire to make note of it. Oh, and by the way, I am deeply chagrined that Trump and the cowardly Republican congress did not make deep spending cuts and attempt to balance our budget. If they had though, I am sure both J.G. and Mr. Dubya would REALLY be screaming about the evil Republicans. Damned if they do… damned if they don’t.

Unknown said...

Mr. Critter, I am not a religious fundamentalist, by the way. I am a Catholic. You know… the church that was actually the founders of the university system. The church who had priests that were pioneers in genetics, astronomy, and even posited the Big Bang Theory. I help new inquirers into the Catholic faith through the RCIA program. One of the things we tell them, and I always specifically tell them, is to always question. Always research. Always inquire. It is by such means that we find answers and hopefully deepen our own faith and trust in God. It is a theme that is commonplace in Catholicism, especially today.

DANG! The Russians evidently have hosed up my account simply because I didn’t vote for Trump. They are not attaching my moniker to my comments again.

Hey Dave, look at how many people are no longer unemployed and living on welfare between Trump and Obama. Besides, with the hole that Obama had helped to dig, of course there were a lot more gains to be made then when Trump came along.

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Paine,

I have said Trump is evil. Disagree if you like, but by all definitions he is. I have also said those who support Trump wittingly, or unwittingly, support evil. Note that I did not say supporting Trump is evil in itself. Supporting a racist wittingly, or unwittingly, is supporting racism. Supporting a bigot wittingly, or unwittingly, is supporting bigotry. Supporting a liar wittingly, or unwittingly, is supporting lies. Racism, bigotry, and lies are evil. Thus unwitting people often support evil. This is called logic.

How can merely noting that Trump and many of his followers are racists be hate? How can noting those who have authoritarian personalities be hate. Do none exist? How can calling out hate be hate? How can calling out racism be racism?

Can you tell me how this isn’t hate:

“Yep, it is Trump, conservatives, and the constitution that they fear, while twisting and projecting their hate and bile as being products of their enemies. ..They are the true perpetrators of this cold civil war... He decries hate while spewing nothing but hate. .. the hateful racist crap Mr. Dubya continues to spew... “

Wow. THAT is what an authoritarian personality would say, whether from hate, anger, resentment, or ignorance. He would also demonstrate my point, “It is faith based, but authoritarian to the degree they accept what their leaders say it is.”

Trump is an authoritarian leader. Disagree if you like, but he is. He has many authoritarian followers and supporters who exhibit this kind of conformity of belief.

Exhibit A:

I have no problem with labeling them as would-be “invaders”.

Dear Leader has insisted on calling asylum seekers invaders.

Exhibit B:

Truly if there was any collusion with Russia, it was done by Hillary when she was Secretary of State, and her campaign in 2016.

Dear Leader has insisted on this false equivalence, projection, and deflection too.(Donations to a charity foundation are not personal emoluments like Trump businesses raking in money from Saudis and Russians and other foreign powers.)

Exhibit C:

“The founders NEVER equated democracy with mob rule. This is a far Right con-servative propaganda lie.” ~ Dubya

Instead of citing where the founders equated fair elections won by the most votes with mob rule, we get, “So is this “lie” born out of Dubya’s ignorance or perhaps out of a leftist agenda… or both?”

Not helpful at all.

Let me help. The founders NEVER said elections that require the winner to have more votes than the opponent is mob rule. They are called fair elections. Fair elections are vital to representative democracy and the founders’ ideal of consent of the governed.

Fair elections represent the democracy progressives demand. Conservatives, authoritarians, tyrants, dictators, and the Party of Trump oppose them. Is this clear enough?

And yes, suppressing voters’ rights to fair elections is evil. It is the tactic of authoritarian tyranny.

Check out the massive Republican election fraud in North Carolina. It is evil. Or ignore it and blame progressives for being hateful.

Dave Dubya said...

As for the public being more informed today, you cannot seriously say that with a straight face.

The point was modern citizens have access to information the founders never foresaw. Obviously they can be fools and only trust FOX(R), Trump’s media sycophants and employment pool.

No facts were offered to indicate how “Dubya’s inaccurate revisionist history” was either inaccurate or revisionist. Sadly an all too familiar pattern.

Sorry, it is accurate that slave states demanded and benefitted from the electoral college. Why would someone be so adamant to deflect from this?

Here it is again, complete with a founder who DIDN’T think a direct election of a president was “mob rule”! Shocking, amirite?

Pennsylvanian James Wilson proposed direct national election of the president. But the savvy Virginian James Madison responded that such a system would prove unacceptable to the South: “The right of suffrage was much more diffusive [i.e., extensive] in the Northern than the Southern States; and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes.” In other words, in a direct election system, the North would outnumber the South, whose many slaves (more than half a million in all) of course could not vote. But the Electoral College—a prototype of which Madison proposed in this same speech—instead let each southern state count its slaves, albeit with a two-fifths discount, in computing its share of the overall count.

No historian would say this is “inaccurate revisionist history”.

But thanks for all the false accusations, projection, and deflections. All Trumpian/authoritarian tactics of discourse, coincidently.

“hateful racist crap Mr. Dubya continues to spew”?

I take it you agree with your sidekick that Farrakhan is my buddy? Once again, evidence behind the accusation remains a mystery. False accusation is another common tactic of Trumpian/authoritarian discourse, coincidently.

I feel safe in predicting there will be no rational evidence based rebuttal to this. More accusations will be far more likely if an authoritarian tendency continues to dominate your discourse.

Payroll growth scorecard:

Obama’s last 23 months vs Trump’s first 23 months

Total hired: 4,850,000 vs. 4,460,000

Average monthly gain: 211.000 vs.194,000

So far the Black Guy has made America greater than the LIAR who said the Black Guy was not American born.

Is this the big hole you say the Black Guy made in Bush's robust economic miracle boom of 2008? ;-)

Say, did you check out the real news today? Trump is a criminal. So are his goons. He and his "weak" lawyer violated election laws. More crimes will be exposed soon. He is evil.

But Hillary!! Emails!! Lock her up!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

As TB3 already offered about the first round: Ouch again!

Round 2 goes unanimously to the gentleman from Michigan.

To our Utah host, your debate skills are weak and unconvincing. If you hope to come out of this with any credibility at all, I suggest the use of more logic and reason; less emotional and unsupported opinions.

Jerry Critter said...

“...emotional and unsupported opinions.”

I rest my case!

Unknown said...

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Just the Facts! said...

“Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple… People who enter the
United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal
aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S.
legally.” – Senator Chuck Schumer, 2009

Jerry Critter said...

Schumer is correct. They should not be treated the same. And the Fact is, they are not treated the same.

Just the Facts! said...

"We simply can not allow people to pour into the United States
undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of
people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become
immigrants in this country"
B. Obama 2005

The same Dems who now claim we can not afford to build the wall had lock jaw when Obama sent $150 billion (cash on pallets) to Iran. Typical hate from the left.

Just the Facts! said...

Google CEO said Russians spent $4700 on ads in the 2016 election. I say it's the best $4700 ever spent if it cost HRC the election like those who claim there was collusion between Russia and Trump.

TB3 said...

Just to clarify... JTF, in rooting for his favored party as if it were a sports team, does not object to outside our borders influences as long as it helps his preferred team win.

Let that sink in.

Just the Facts! said...

Mexico News Daily:
The federal government will invest more than US $30
billion over the next five years on a Comprehensive Development Plan
with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador aimed at curbing migration to
the United States, the foreign secretary said yesterday.

There goes the DNC voter recruitment plan

Just the Facts! said...

Thanks for the clarification TB3, now if you and others here would admit to their support of their favorite political party all be would be clear.

$4700 is all the Russians spent? And the left claim HRC's loss was due to Russian interference in our election? Give me a break.

Dave Dubya said...

MM hates liberals more than he loves America; so much he has sided with Putin on what is best for our country. Putin must be one a them thar "Real 'Murikins".

"No puppet! No puppet! You're the puppet!" Then came the betrayal of our country in Helsinki, as the Lyin' King bent the knee to Putin.

Hey, at least it wasn't like the fictional "apology tour" by the foreign born Black President. White nationalists whined that lie for years. Obama was evil for...not doing that. Trump? IOKIYAR, after all.

And they wonder why they're seen as authoritarian followers. They don't seem to understand only authoritarians see these facts as "hate". Poor white male victims, they are.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Where has it been established that "$4700 is all the Russians spent", as you put it?

I'd normally say "nice try", Timmy, but this doesn't even come close.

But you already knew that. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"...as if it were a sports team, [Timmy] does not object to outside our borders influences as long as it helps his preferred team win."

TB3, I wonder if Timmy's closet and wardrobe is totally dominated by red? (Except for the white sheets, of course.)

He probably drives a red car and lives in a red house. Gee, I wonder if he has dyed his hair red and wears red face-paint?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It'll be an tough row to hoe considering all the damage and instability already done by the G.O.P. and George H.W. Bush in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Interfering in the elections and governments of sovereign states always has its own set of unintentional consequences, doesn't it?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Authoritarians, like Timmy (and Mr. Paine), hate the truth -- especially when it collides head-first with their cultist beliefs.

When others express the truth, they somehow equate that with expressing hate.

I know...it's very weird. It's sick, actually. It's the atypical definition of cultist behavior.

Just the Facts! said...

The best $4700 ever spent in American politics. But you knew that, ;-).

Meme of the day:
What you're seeing with the unrest in France, Germany, Italy, and most of Europe is the result of Socialism. They're running out of other people's money. It always eventually happens.

Just the Facts! said...

The left wants us to believe HRC lost due to the $4700 Russians spent on Google ads, as a deflection to the reality is she has been a loser since Monica.

TB3 said...

What you're seeing with the unrest in France, Germany, Italy, and most of Europe is the result of JTF's cuts and pastes. He's running out of other people's jokes and articles. It was bound to happen.

Dave Dubya said...

"But, but, Putin got such a great deal!"

The Right wants us to believe Trump and Putin know what's best for America. Soon the only buildings with Trump's name on it will be his home and in Moscow. It's the least they can do, for Trump Tower NYC is the New York home of the Russian mob.

No ships, no streets, no schools, nothing will be named after Putin's puppet.

Just the Facts! said...

Just for you.

The Socialist Economics of Italian Fascism

By Lawrence K. Samuels.

It is complete with footnotes.

Just the Facts! said...

"But, but, Putin got such a great deal!" You betcha big fellow, if $4700 can swing an election what did Beto spend his millions on and still lost?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

What you're seeing in France, Germany, Italy -- and much of Europe -- is the result of neoliberalism.

When neoliberals run out of the capacity to make things or provide services, they set up a system that extracts wealth from the middle- and working-classes.

It's happening here, in America, too, but you're not smart enough to figure it out.

That's something you didn't know already (but should have figured it out, as many times as I've tried to educate you over the years).

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"No ships, no streets, no schools, nothing will be named after Putin's puppet."

Prisons would be appropo; hospitals for the criminally insane, also.

Just the Facts! said...

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today released two sets of heavily redacted State Department documents, 38 pages and 48 pages, showing classified information was researched and disseminated to multiple U.S. Senators by the Obama administration immediately prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The documents reveal that among those receiving the classified documents were Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN).

Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a June 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a February 2018 request seeking records of the Obama State Department’s last-minute efforts to share classified information about Russia election interference issues with Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:18-cv-01381)).

The documents reveal the Obama State Department urgently gathering classified Russia investigation information and disseminating it to members of Congress within hours of Donald Trump taking office.

Just the Facts! said...

The latest word/excuse for failed leftist policys...neoliberalism.


Just the Facts! said...

You can’t make this up.

In 2006, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and 23 other Senate Dems voted for 700 miles of border fencing. Confronted about why they oppose a barrier today, Dems are now claiming they're against a wall because you can't see through it.

The problem with Democrats and their position on not being able to see through a wall is that the American public can see through the Democrats.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Beto O'Rourke lost because Texans don't mind when politicians lie to them and blow smoke up their asses.

Lyin' Ted and Lyin' Don, the mobster-in-chief, are proof of this.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Be careful, Timmy, because your ignorance is shining through again. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"It is complete with footnotes."


Obviously you failed to read one of those footnotes!

Just for you:

Fascism ~~ by Sheldon Richman

Just the Facts! said...

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Friday released key documents relating to the FBI’s questioning of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, confirming agents did not believe at the time Flynn intentionally lied to them — though he was later charged with making false statements in that interview.

Such a waste of my money.

Just the Facts! said...

So fools judge a book by it's title.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Key words: "...did not believe at the time..."

But further interrogation techniques determined he was lying.

Money well-spent...

...unlike the almost weekly presidential trips to Florida or New Jersey.

Timmy, I see you're continuing to copy-and-paste other's work without providing references or sources. You're the king of plagerism.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." ~~ Soren Kierkegaard

Timmy, you've managed to be fooled -- twice!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Timmy (or do you prefer "Vern"), if you're going to copy-and-paste, here's the kind of blockbuster news you want to report:

"The list of legal crises that Trump, his family and associates need to worry about seemed to explode in the last week. Major developments included:

● Federal prosecutors investigating Trump’s inaugural committee, a non-profit, for alleged wrongdoing that could include improper foreign contributions, pay-for-play or illegal payments to pop-up firms, the Wall Street Journal reported.

● Prosecutors revealing a non-prosecution agreement with the media company AMI, which admitted paying, 'in concert with the [Trump] campaign', the former Playboy model Karen McDougal for her story of an affair with Trump (which Trump denies).

● The significant expansion of Trump’s alleged role in the hush payments scheme, for which Cohen was convicted of multiple felonies, with NBC News placing Trump in a meeting with AMI’s chief, David Pecker, to discuss the payments and his campaign (plus a separate conversation which Cohen recorded).

● The spy Maria Butina becoming the first Russian to plead guilty to attempting to tamper in the 2016 election. In her plea, she described how she infiltrated the National Rifle Association and the Republican party to try to cultivate 'influential Americans' – unnamed, as yet – and the Trump campaign.

● Lawyers for the former adviser Michael Flynn filing a sentencing memo touting his cooperation with Mueller in 19 meetings 'totaling approximately 62 hours and 45 minutes'. In a heavily redacted document earlier this month, Mueller described Flynn’s extensive cooperation in as-yet secret investigations.
" ~~ Tom McCarthy, The Guardian, December 15, 2018

Just think, Timmy, we haven't even begun "the twelve days of Christmas" yet! ;-)

Or, in the spirit of the season, would you prefer to be called "Tiny Tim"? LOL

Let me know...