Friday, January 26, 2018

Dr. Rick Rigsby and Coach Lou Holtz on Making Choices and an Impact


Majormajor said...

Mr. Paine,

Thanks for sharing these videos. What I took away from them was

1. It's ok to fail as long as you don't let that failure stop you.
2. Rock bottom is a great foundation to build on.
3. Life is about the choices we make.

Sadly in the leftist theology of today, one is not allowed to fail, therefore never experiences the thrill of success. Success is a "blessing" bestowed by government. There is no hope because life is not fair, so why try?

Great messages, I hope they rip the shroud of liberal darkness from the eyes of those so blinded by the hopelessness of the left.

T. Paine said...

Majormajor, sounds like you were very concise and accurate in your three major take-aways from these videos, sir. Well said!

As for our leftist brothers and sisters, sadly too many of them depend on convincing people of their victim-hood status in order to expand their cruel and cynical ideology that basically tells people that they "didn't build that" and they cannot make it on their own without the assistance of government. It is a good thing America was not infested with this mindset in the 18th or 19th century or we would never have expanded beyond our thirteen original colonies, and be little more than another anemic pseudo-European nation today.