Monday, January 7, 2013

The State Is My Shepherd

The State is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
It makes me lie down in federally owned pastures.
It leads me beside quiet waters in banned fishing areas.
It restores my soul through its control.
It guides me in the path of dependency for its namesake.
Even though our nation plunges into the valley of the shadow of debt,
I will fear no evil,
For Barack will be with me.
The Affordable Care Act and food stamps,
They comfort me.
You prepare a table of Michelle Obama approved foods before me in the presence of my Conservative and Libertarian enemies.
You anoint my head with hemp oil;
My government regulated 16-ounce cup overflows.
Surely mediocrity and an entitlement mentality will follow me
All the days of my life,
And I will dwell in a low-rent HUD home forever and ever.
Psalm 666

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Just the Facts! said...

Your Psalm 666 reminded me of the movie "Brazil".. Kind of a Monty Python version of "Atlas Shrugged".

p.s. Your Sea-Hawks looked pretty good last night, even though RGIII was one legged for most of the game.

General Urko said...

The Catholic Church must have passed this out because I first saw it from a priest friend of mine. Now, we see it from this Mr. Paine. Not that I disagree that The Chosen One in The White House would want us to say this prayer every night.

Annie said...


T. Paine said...

JTF, gotta love the Seahawks. First time they have won a road playoff game since 1983 though. WAY TOO LONG. We will see what happens this week with Atlanta.

General, nope, I didn't get this from any of my "Catholic" sources. I think it comes from the statist prayer book.

Annie, I know what you mean. The fact that this really is the sentiments of some of our leftist friends is quite scary.