Monday, August 27, 2012

Morning/Mourning in America

In 1984 Ronald Reagan ran for re-election against Jimmy Carter's Vice President, Walter Mondale.  President Reagan restored America's horrendous economy to great prosperity.  He improved our strength and standing in the world.  He made us all proud to be Americans once again.  Reagan won reelection in a landslide and took 49 of 50 states in doing so, losing only Mondale's home state of Minnesota.

Now, in 2012, we have seemingly returned to the Carter years in many of the worst aspects of it.  Our true unemployment figures have been in double digits for nearly all of President Obama's first term.  People are afraid.  Our businesses and economy are in shambles.  We face ever greater dangers in the world, and seemingly turn a blind eye to them.  We have become a divided people and many folks are no longer proud to be an American, with the possible exception of Michelle Obama who famously stated that "for the first time in her life", she was "proud to be an American".

Now, Mr. Romney is not Ronald Reagan, and he certainly is not the candidate that many conservatives had hoped would be the eventual Republican nominee for president.  That said, he is a good and decent man.  He is a man that will strengthen our country both economically and in its standing throughout the world. 

Once again, we have a pivotal choice.  We can elect a man that actually will follow the Constitution and has a real plan for restoring America, or we can continue on the path of certain bankruptcy... both morally and economically... by re-electing President Obama.  Come November 7th, will there once again be hope and morning in America?  Or will we end this great 236-year experiment in freedom and have mourning in America?  It is truly a sad statement that the question must even be asked this close to the election.  I fervently pray that America will wake up and that Obama and his hyper-progressivism will be thoroughly rejected this November, just like Mondale was back in November of 1984.


Jerry Critter said...

Our economy would probably be booming too if we spent money like Reagan and tripled our national debt.

T. Paine said...

Jerry, with all due respect, it was Tip O'Neil and the Democrats that were in charge of congress and the spending appropriation bills during Reagan's administration.

I remember Reagan pushing for the defense build-up after Carter gutted our military, and that did indeed increase a lot of spending, which ultimately caused the Soviet Union to collapse, even by Mikhail Gorbachev's own analysis.

That said, I remember a press conference where Reagan was extolling all of the nonsense the Democrats had delivered in the budget for him to sign. What Reagan could have done with a line item veto!!! Anyway, in order to achieve what was necessary for defense, he stated that he was forced to sign the bill.

All of that said, the Democrats spent over $1.70 for every new dollar of revenue raised during Reagan's tenure, sir.

Reagan's rolling back of bureaucracy and taxes is what caused the economy to boom by any objective account. It was not simply a matter of spending government dollars, like Obama has done with precious little to show for it, sir.

Jerry Critter said...

Then I guess it is really "Tip O'Neil and the Democrats" who should also get credit for "rolling back of bureaucracy and taxes" which caused "caused the economy to boom". All Reagan did was sign the legislation.

T. Paine said...

Touche' Jerry! :)