Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Democrats Disenfranchise Voters in Massachusetts

I came across an interesting little story during my lunch hour today that once again displays the shameless levels of hypocrisy perpetrated by the Democratic Party.   Of course it was not reported in the mainstream media.  It would seem that the Massachusetts Democratic Convention was held last Saturday on June 2nd.  What was particularly interesting to note was that anyone entering the MassMutal Center for the convention would be required to show photo identification.  This was clearly spelled out on page 14 of the convention program accordingly. 

Now isn’t it amazing that the very party that screams about the disenfranchisement that the evil Republicans are creating by wanting to ensure that the people voting in elections are who they claim to be by showing photo ID prior to entering the voting booth is making it a requirement that photo identification must be presented in order to enter the Massachusetts Democratic Convention?  Is it possible that the Democrats really didn’t have altruistic motives in allowing anyone and everyone to vote based only on their good word that they were legally authorized to vote? 

If this disenfranchisement of Democrats from their state convention is offensive to you people, I would suggest that you make your complaint known in person to the Honorable Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice in Washington DC.  Just make sure you take along your driver’s license with you though, as I guarantee you will need a photo ID to gain access to this voter/taxpayer funded office building.

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John Myste said...

While I agree with you about the intentions of the Democratic Party, I disagree with your reasoning.

The Massachusetts Democratic Convention is not the Democratic Party.

The example is fallacious.

Don't argue with me. I don't have time to debate right now. Very tight deadline.