Friday, April 22, 2011

The Five Things I Love About Christ: An Easter Meme

Matt over at the excellent site, St. Blogustine, has tagged me with a challenge that I will gladly accept.  He was similarly tagged with this “Lenten meme” which will hopefully now become an Easter meme for those that choose to participate.  The rules for this tagging are as follows:  Those tagged will share five reasons why they love Jesus or five things they love about Him.  Those tagged will then tag five other bloggers. Further, those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.

Here are my list of five reasons of why I love Christ:

1.)    Throughout history most religions’ gods required sacrifice on behalf of the worshiper before a quid pro quo was seemingly returned by the deity.  With Christ, He already made the glorious and terrible sacrifice for me.  I only need to acknowledge and accept His sacrifice for my sins to be forgiven in His Divine Mercy.  Christ is a God that has chosen to love a sinner like me, before I ever even knew Him.

2.)    Since my coming to Christ, my awe and sense of wonder with God’s creation and my fellow man, who are all children of God whether they acknowledge him or not, has been magnified from the tiniest of embers to a steady burning conflagration.  Indeed, through my studies of Christ and science, I continue to see myriads of places where the two are inextricably intertwined, which serves to astound me in reverence for Him and the glory of His ways all the more.

3.)    Though I often fall far short of doing my Lord’s will, being the indefatigable sinner that I seem to be, He is always there to accept me back into His grace with His forgiveness and love.

4.)    My desire to attempt to live as my Lord wills me to do has made me far less selfish and far more understanding and compassionate towards my fellow brothers and sisters.  When I follow Christ’s commandment to love my God with all of my heart and soul and love my neighbor as myself, I feel far more of a sense of purpose and profound meaning in my life and am so often rewarded with His love and grace accordingly.

5.)    I love Christ because he is not a remote and removed God but rather He is a loving God who cares and is the best part of my daily life.  My love and worship of him brings me joy and contentment.  Not unlike the woman at the well having drunk of the living water, my thirst has been forever quenched.  Not unlike the man born blind, my faith in Christ has opened my eyes with new sight.  And not unlike Lazarus, my Lord has restored my life.  While years ago I was dead and living an empty and meaningless existence for only myself, I now have His life within me, particularly as I partake of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, and I have been greatly blessed daily by God because of this.

The difficult part of this meme for me was to list five bloggers that acknowledge Christ as God, let alone actually love him.  This is not meant as a slight against any of my fellow blog friends that occasionally frequent my site, but rather only an observation.  That being said, I will tag four wonderful folks that would likely continue this meme, and the one remaining individual will have to be done via private email.

My tagged five are:


May God bless you all with a joyous Easter!


Annie said...

Beautiful! Now I need to get busy :)

Matt@StBlogustine said...

Now that's the Spirit!!!

S.W. Anderson said...

Happy Easter to you, Paine.