Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ronald Reagan Jokes About the Problems of Communism

Dang I miss Reagan!  He was seemingly the last president that understood the dangers of Communism and Socialism.


John Myste said...

I generally don't listen to videos on blogs. Can you type these out :).

I miss Reagan also. Sure, he was a greedy republican bastard, but he was entertaining. I even forgave him for "lying" about Iran Contra, since, as it turns out, he really didn't remember. The lie was true!

I have to agree with you. The dangers of socialism are real indeed. Socialists who go to extremes in faraway lands provide fodder for the justification conservatives here use to support their desire to create a nation that does not support the welfare of its people unless they see a clear capitalistic return. The United States is a business, right? Were it not for the assumed misuse of Socialism elsewhere, conservatives would not have the extreme to point at and call the norm.

Hey, we agree on something: Socialism is dangerous!

P. S. Excellent debate at Dubya’s. I have no idea whose facts where right or wrong. I could not keep up, as they were being thrown out so fast and furiously, but it was entertaining and my people wobbled. However, I know they only wobbled because they did not have the time to answer everything, as is it was coming so quickly. A deluge of data to refute is a great debating technique. I once used it to debate the constitutionality of overruling healthcare as unconstitutional. In that case, my opponent threw in the towel and declared absolute and irrevocable defeat.

T. Paine said...

I am heartened to read that you are in agreement with me regarding socialism being dangerous!

As for my debating elsewhere, well it is easy to throw out facts in support of one's position when the truth is on one's side, thereby making the use of such facts possible!

I REALLY want to find this guy that has stolen my moniker and then keeps conceding on winnable arguments with you in my name! ;)

You did present a masterful argument though. I will have to return to that debate though, as I cannot let the current status quo stand there!

free0352 said...

They ban me from those debates, because I always WIN.

John Myste said...

Free, I am really surprised. I would have excepted you, of all people, to be totally welcome. I can see banning Paine.

T. Paine said...


John Myste said...

Paine, that was a compliment, unless you are Mr. Free. It was meant in jest, though.