Friday, January 21, 2011

Co-founder of Greenpeace States There is No Evidence of Man-Caused Global Warming

Patrick Moore is a scientist and co-founder of Greenpeace.  He left Greenpeace because he said that since the mid-1980's the recent generation of directors had no formal scientific education and the organization had become "more about globalization and anti-capitalism than it is about science or ecology..."

This prompted Moore to write a book entitled, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist in which he exposes the green movement and explains why he left the organization.

Recently, Moore did a very interesting interview on Fox Business News with Stuart Varney in which he claims that, "We do not have any scientific proof that we are the cause of the global warming that has occurred over the last 200 years..."  He further states that the prophecies of disaster caused by anthropogenic global warming by many "environmentalists" are based on computer modeling and predictions that simply aren't accurate. 

This is an assertion that was backed by Dr. S. Fred Singer who was largely responsible for developing the observation satellites used to "capture" such environmental data.  Indeed, Dr. Singer has stated that these agenda-created "models are very nice, but they are not reality and they are not evidence."


John Myste said...

Two things,

First, I want to verify that you are then saying that because Mr. Moore has taken this scientific stance, we find the stance itself a bit more credible. The things Mr. Moore think are likely to be accurate, given his scientific training, right? We can look to Mr. Moore for scientific understanding, right? Once you confirm this, I will continue this thought.

Secondly, Oh no! No more Keith! Oh God! I am never going to know what I think about anything again!

free0352 said...

There are a great many scientists who don't concur with the rank and file on Climate Change. Nearly the entire Climatology department aat MIT for a start. There isn't hardly a consensus of scientists who advocate global warming being man made. That idea is pure Al Gore propaganda and he's a politician, not a scientist.

John Myste said...

Wait just a minute. While I proud to be listed in the blogs from the left, my slow mind just realized that the blogs from the left are blogs from the left, whereas the blogs from the right are blogs from the right "worth following."

It is unclear to me if the blogs listed from the left are worth following!

Oh, and, ... Oh no! No Keith!

T. Paine said...

Myste, I find Moore's statements compelling, but he is hardly the only one upon which I base my opinions on the topic.

It might surprise you that I once was an advocate for the global warming hysteria... until I started researching the issue. The more I studied, the less sure I became that anthropogenic global warming was a reality.

From astrophyscists and meterologists like Piers Corbyn and Dr. S. Fred Singer and scores of others, I found credible arguments that poked huge holes in the pro-global warming agenda. (increases in temperature create an increase in CO2... not the other way around as per Al Gore and his debunked hockey stick chart.)

Then, through leaked documents, emails, and unguarded moments of candor, the global warming side so much as has admitted that their agenda is not scientific but political. The East Anglia documents said in their own writings that they had cherry-picked and falsified data to support their erroneous claims.

Moore is just one more gentleman with enough courage to step forward and stand for science instead of psuedo-science, in my humble opinion.

As for Keith, I wish he still had his show. I think he often does more harm for the left with his foolishness, and I for one am sad to see his demise. (I understand that with his comparatively dismal ratings, that it didn't make sense to keep him from a business standpoint though.)

Funny how liberal talk radio and TV "news" cannot seem to compete in the arena of ideas in a free market system. Do you suppose that is the reason why the left wants to enact the "Fairness Doctrine"? Nah.... couldn't be... :)

John Myste said...

Keith's ratings were risking, not falling, unlike hacks like, say, Bill O. June 10th, 2008, was the first time Keith trumped Bill.

High ratings in a news show these days is nothing to brag about. People want Howard Stern shocking, not news. That is why Fox has historical beat MSNBC. MSNBC has been moving the radical non-news route that Fox took and will soon have the same level of sanity, at which time their ratings will move right in line.

They are getting there. Just wait for it.

Matt said...

Patrick Moore would appear to be the latest Bernie Goldberg of the environmental movement. The momentum is building to knock down this house of cards. Can't wait.

Dave Dubya said...

Two things:

1. Moore is not a climate scientist.

2. Moore is handsomely paid by energy and logging interests.

In fact, corporate money is behind every climate change denial. Did you notice that pattern in your research?