Thursday, December 30, 2010

Piers Corbyn Gets Last Laugh on Global Warming Forecasters that Mocked Him

Piers Corbyn, the renowned astrophysicist and meteorologist and one of the world's chief critics of what he calls the "failed science based on fraudulent data" of global warming was roundly mocked by "scientists" around the world and the UK government forecasters in particular when based on the sun's activity, Corbyn predicted a very cold winter this year.  They proclaimed that this winter would be very mild in contrast.  Corbyn predicted east and northeast America in particular "would suffer the most horrendous blizzards for decades" in December. 

When asked by the interviewer in this clip whether the global-warming-theory-supporting scientists claim that weather extremes of cold and hot are indicative of global warming are accurate, Corbyn emphatically stated,

"No, it is complete nonsense.  It's fiction.  It comes from a cult ideology.  There is no science in there; no facts to back them up.  Historically the only correlation between carbon dioxide and temperatures over millions of years is that world temperatures drive carbon dioxide levels; not the other way around.  What they have is they fiddle the facts in order to justify political attacks, carbon trading, extra taxation on the public."

Once again, despite the global warming believers statements that this is "settled science" and the only ones that disagree are crackpots, it would seem that they continue to be wrong in their predictions and forecasts.  Meanwhile such global warming deniers as Piers Corbyn continue to predict our climate and weather forecasts with considerably high degrees of accuracy.  It would seem that Piers Corbyn and his fellow scientists of like mind are thus far indeed right regarding this mythical anthropogenic global warming.

For more by this brilliant scientist see my earlier post on Piers Corbyn's interview with Russia Today at the link here.

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