Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Obama's Ten Worst "Accomplishments" Thus Far

I am utterly amazed that there are those individuals out there that actually think President Obama has done a great or even a fair job since having taken office in late January this year. Evidently I measure his accomplishments with a far tougher scale than those on the left do, because to date I have not found anything that I can recall that is worthy of being called an accomplishment for our greatest of all nations.

Everything done to date seems to be done for Obama's own self-aggrandizement or in the attempt to tear down our nation by ignoring its exceptionalism with regards to ALL OTHER NATIONS of the world. In that vein, I can give a laundry list that is by no means even all that comprehensive of the "accomplishments" he has achieved so far in his first nine months in office. This list is a top ten worst for only his foreign and national defense policies. (I will write a domestic top ten list later in order to keep this posting down to less than twenty pages.)

1. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Obama said during his campaign that he would shut it down immediately upon becoming president. Evidently he still has not figured out where to send all of the absolute evil human debris that resides within its confines. He has suggested that we send many of these worst offenders to our own maximum security federal prisons and afford these enemy combatants American Constitutional rights. When that drew an uproarious and angry response he backed down... for now.

2. Theatre-based Missile Defense
Obama unilaterally disbanded this program, despite the huge gains made in the effectiveness of it, as we were getting ready to deploy the first installation in the Czech Republic and Poland so as to protect our European allies and our own military bases against rogue nations launching a missile strike against us. Instead, Obama chose to alienate our allies and leave our bases far more vulnerable to such an attack.

3. North Korea
Not only did Obama's shutting down of our theatre missile defense system show weakness to Kim Jong Il and his North Korean regime, but he has done nothing to hold North Korea accountable despite their continuation of launching missiles over Japan and other allies in the region. Instead, Obama continues the foolish and dangerous process of talking and appeasement adopted by Bush in his second term.

4. Iran
Not only has Obama done nothing to hold Iran accountable for its continuing nuclear weapons program, despite the fact that their President Ahmadinejad has stated repeatedly how they wish to wipe Israel off the face of the map, but he also gave no moral support or even cared to chastise the evil mullah theocracy over the election fraud they perpetrated this last summer despite the rising up of the Iranian citizens in protest over this. That was a huge opportunity missed and shows the Iranians not to count on the United States to support them in their desire to achieve freedom.

5. Prosecution of those trying to protect us
Obama has sat by, and indeed likely instructed his attorney general, Eric Holder, to look into prosecuting the Bush administration lawyers that reviewed and gave best faith advice to the executive branch on the lawfulness and validity of using extreme interrogation techniques (NOT TORTURE) to obtain intelligence from a few high-level terrorists. Obama/ Holder even have held out the possibility of prosecuting the CIA and other official interrogators for "abusing the civil rights and torturing" these vermin, even though they were legally vetted to do so by the justice department. Never mind that invaluable information was obtained, particularly from Kahlid Sheik Mohammad, by water boarding that prevented future attacks, so said former VP Cheney. When challenged on this by the Obama administration, Cheney requested that they declassify the documents then proving that he is correct. Obama will not do this, yet they will declassify other secret documents in order to prosecute those responsible for the terrorist's interrogations.

6. Mirandizing terrorists
It has been reported and confirmed that the military and other federal personnel have been ordered to give some captured terrorists on the battlefield their Miranda rights, thereby treating them as criminals in a police action, instead of enemy combatants that choose not to follow the Geneva Convention and abide by those rules against targeting civilians and hiding amongst their populations. Instead Obama wants to provide them with our own civil and Constitutional rights so that they may use our system of jurisprudence against us. This is the height of foolishness.

7. Nuclear Weapons
President Obama has said he wants to work with Russia to reduce nuclear weapon stockpiles. While this sounds like a good idea initially, I suspect that there will not be a very good, if any, verification mechanism put into any such treaty that is drafted. No mind though, as Obama will want to unilaterally disarm the United States of its nuclear arsenal. It does not matter that North Korea, China, and soon-to-be Iran and other such enemies will not ever follow suit. No one ever goes to pick a fight with the biggest and strongest kid on the block, but evil kids will certainly pick on defenseless kids, and all of Obama's eloquence and desire to just get along will not save us from it.

8. Gays in the military
Obama promised, but as of yet has not enacted a new policy of allowing openly gay Americans to serve in the U.S. military. Now I personally really don't care if a person is gay; however, it destroys morale and unit cohesion for openly gay members of the military to be serving alongside those that aren't. This is particularly true in close living quarter such as on-board ships or in combat zones. The desire to achieve some social engineering objective while actively undermining and weakening our military in the process is shameful.

9. Obama's World Apology Tour
It would seem that Obama, like his wife prior to his inauguration, is not very proud of his own country. Any time he is overseas, at the UN, or has access to the world stage, it would seem that Obama goes out of his way to apologize for America, its freedoms, and its capitalism. He does not acknowledge that we are indeed the only superpower and best bastion of freedom left in this world. He routinely rejects our exceptionalism as individuals and as a nation so as to put us on a "level playing field with the rest of the world." This does not make us friends on the international arena or gain us respect from our enemies. It shows his foolishness and naivety as the boy-president tries to neuter our country in his own image. I wonder to whom else he will bow down to next?

10. Afghanistan
Finally, Obama promised to draw down our troops in Iraq and surge to fight the "real war against terrorism" in Afghanistan (even though they changed the terminology there too so that we no longer use "the war on terror" thereby "angering" our enemies). Until two weeks ago, Obama met with General McChrystal (the man in charge of the Afghanistan theatre of operations) only ONE time since his coming to office. He has ignored the General's call for more troops in order to protect our forces and Afghani civilians while routing the Taliban and Al Queda in order that Obama may "deliberate" on the need for such action. Meanwhile, as Obama "deliberates" more of our troops and civilians are unnecessarily killed while Obama finds time to rush off to try and secure the Olympics for his city of Chicago or to receive his absolutely un-earned Nobel Peace Prize. Evidently he found the time for those things while our people and friends continue dying needlessly.

Herein lies my top ten list of foreign affair and national defense debacles that President Obama has managed to amass in his first nine months in office. May God protect us in the remaining 3 years and 3 months left of Obama's abysmally failing presidency, because the Lord knows that President Obama sure won't lift a finger to protect us.

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