Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Prize: Final Thoughts

I just wanted to add a few more comments on the topic of our Nobel-prize-winning President. The more I read and heard about this topic last week, the more absurd the whole thing became.

First, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize were due into the committee the first week of February. This means Obama was in office TWELVE DAYS when he was nominated for the prize. What on God's green earth did he do up to this point in his administration, let alone in the first twelve days to warrant the peace prize? Of course this absolutely proves beyond even a shadow of a doubt that the prize is purely political and awarded to those who pay lip-service to the left-wing agenda of the world.

Want proof? Ronald Reagan was responsible for the United States winning the cold war and thereby freeing hundreds of millions of people from the tyranny of living behind the iron curtain where their freedoms were minuscule and given to them in small doses by an evil statist government. Why not a Nobel Prize for Reagan in their liberation and ascendancy to peace and freedom?

For that matter, why not a Nobel Prize for George W. Bush for one of the very few things that he did do right? It was through his courage and leadership that caused the downfall of a very evil despot and his two sons so that millions of Iraqi's can now live in freedom and have a chance to form their own destiny. I guess since the war was "just about oil" to the left, this makes the newly-won freedom of these people irrelevant.

Now that this is off my chest, I will move on, but don't ever tell me about the honor and prestige of having won a Nobel Prize or expect it to have any meaning to me and a good percentage of the world's population that now knows better.

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Dave Splash said...

This is joke, right? George W Bush getting a Nobel for lying the nation into a war with a country that no weapons and was a threat to absolutely no one?! Go back on your meds, man.

And another thing, the nominations for the Nobel were in February. That is true. The voting, however, was not. I think you all on the right keep intentionally misrepresenting this. But as for your claim that with regards to the Nobel that "a good percentage of the world's population now knows better," is patently wrong. You see, whether or not you agree with the Nobel Prize, or the last election's results, the US and the world at large is ecstatic that the Bush/Cheney right wing regime has been replaced. The world has taken a collective sigh of relief.