Monday, March 6, 2017

Painfully Remembering Obama 3/6/2017

Obama books himself on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Wondering why some of our progressive friends fail to see the arrogance and buffoonery of our former president.


Majormajor said...

Maybe it's because they are buffoons and arrogant.

Example would be the the reaction of some of our "progressive friends" to the historical fact of Obama's wire taping American citizens and using the IRS against his political enemy's.

I can think of one progressive friend whose name I will not print as I do not want his blog to gain any new readers by any action of mine, who simply
deletes any post that disproves his progressive views. Nice.

Just saying.

Majormajor said...
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Majormajor said...

10 reasons why this woman is no longer a liberal

T. Paine said...

Well Majormajor, my personal thoughts are that it is reckless of President Trump to make such serious accusations in such a cavalier way without providing any signs of evidence whatsoever of the tapping. That said, the Obama Administration has been guilty of such unethical and illegal practices before, as you stated. It is not beyond reason to suppose this is possible.

Of course some of our Leftist friends will deny this and claim we are all a part of the believing "Trumpist cult" as they go back to their religious beliefs of the U.S. being behind the world trade center demolition and the dogma that man-made global warming is real and settled science.

T. Paine said...

Glad to see that some folks are realizing the lies that are promulgated from some quarters on the Left and are seeing things as they really are.

Majormajor said...

Majormajor, I will leave you to play in this litterbox... errr... I meant sandbox.

When one can only point out the lies of his "enemies" but not recognize them when he spews them forth, then there really isn't any need for me to contribute to the "conversation" anymore. Time to take a break from "Freedom Rants" for awhile...


I agree, the sophistry of DD and JG and their posts are not only over the top they are reminiscent of the actions of a tin pot dictator. Censorship of ideas under the claim those ideas are lies.

Or as it was written,
"all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", this is the motto of today's liberal.

T. Paine said...

Well, it is DD's blog and he is free to do as he wishes with it. In that manner, he is a dictator of his own platform, just as I am with my blog.

That said, I do not recall a time yet where I felt the need to delete a commenter's words. Perhaps that is simply a matter of luck on my behalf, but looking back at some of the vehement disagreements shared with me by some of my readers, including Dave, I don't necessarily think so. I genuinely want to encourage open and honest debate between people of differing backgrounds and ideas. That is how we learn; it is how I learn. It is how we see each other as fellow human beings, rather than "the enemy".

When people simply want to throw feces all over the place, cast aspersions, and resort to sophomoric name-calling, then I really have little interest or tolerance for that nonsense. I don't need people hypothesizing on the salvation of a person's soul because he happens to disagree.

Sadly, I sometimes see that being the case on DD's site. If ones disagrees with him, he is often called a liar or other names. He is demonized or marginalized, and yet when we point out a case of hypocrisy or double standard, then great offense is taken.

I am far from perfect and have always tried to admit when I was wrong or perhaps provided an unreliable source to make my point. I think that is how one holds onto his credibility. But when one is ridiculed or dismissed simply because the other person doesn't approve of the information or the source, then that smacks of someone that is not interested in learning and following the truth but would rather just promulgate their own agenda.

If such is the case, then that is his right, but I don't have to be a part of that circus.