Friday, February 24, 2017

Washington's Denial of Religious Liberty and Christians that Sit in Silence

Shame on the Silent Christian Leaders Who Refuse to Stand Against Government Tyranny


There is only one thing more appalling than the Washington Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling against religious liberty today. It is the silence of Christian leaders across America, leaders who choose convenience over confrontation, leaders who would rather be popular than prophetic, leaders who prefer the favor of people over the favor of God. Shame on these silent leaders. Today is a day to stand.

There are, of course, the handful of expected Christian voices protesting the court’s outrageous decision, as these justices ruled unanimously against florist Barronelle Stutzman, claiming that she discriminated against a longtime gay customer (named Robert Ingersoll) when she told him she couldn’t make the floral arrangement for his upcoming gay “wedding,” despite the fact that she had served him for years and despite her recommending three other florists who could do the arrangements for his wedding.

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Majormajor said...


I believe it is important to know the real character of those who opposed Conservatives.

T. Paine said...

Thanks for the link, Majormajor. Sadly, there are those on the left that would rather shout down conservative speakers or stifle any meaningful dialogue about issues. They are right, the Right is wrong, and they don't want any more discussion about it in their authoritarian minds. It is almost as if they are afraid that if conservative ideas are fully and thoughtfully articulated, that they will never be able to move their leftist agenda forward. Frankly, I agree with them on this. That is why often times the radical Left must get their agenda passed through activist courts rather than through the legislative process.

Thankfully there are also thoughtful progressives out there that are genuinely open to an exchange of ideas and discussion. We need to find common ground with those good folks where possible and ignore the anarchists and leftist authoritarians that simply want to implement their brand of "tolerance" regardless of what the rest of America wants... even when their agenda ignores or violates the constitution and our enshrined rights.