Monday, October 10, 2016

To Escape and to Find Beauty

With all of the hate, distrust, rancor, and divisiveness going on in the world today, I cannot help but shake my head in deepest dismay and yearn only to get away from people and "civilization".  Indeed, the older I get the more I long to be in those beautiful quiet places far from the intruding boors of the world.

I am blessed however because I do live in such a extraordinary state that is full of the magnificence of God's artistry.  My beloved wife and I have been spending our weekends venturing out towards some of these less populated spots to enjoy the scenery over the past few months.

There is just something about seeing the brilliant blue sky and breathing in the crisp Autumn air that is restorative to me and allows me to return to the city to deal with the multitude once again come each Monday.

I figured I'd share some of the pictures from a few of our latest travels just to show the beauty of which I speak.

I really cannot wait until the day comes when I can retire to some road far less traveled by up in the mountains near a good trout stream.  At least while the world continues to go crazy all around me, I will at least marvel and have my soul at peace staring in adoring amazement of our Creator's handiwork!  Such is the plan, anyway.

These first several pictures are from the Wasatch Mountains after their first snowfall of the season just a few weeks ago.  The beautiful Fall colors of the Aspens stand out against the brilliant white snow amongst the evergreen dotted mountains.

These next several picture were taken from the sandstone red rock cliffs along Nine Mile Canyon in central Utah.  

 Throughout this canyon, there are a myriad petroglyphs and paintings on the canyon walls that were done by the Ute Indians and the Freemont Indians.  Some of these petroglyphs date back to around 600 AD.  Amazing!

This particular rock below was mounted quite a bit higher up the cliff, but with time and erosion, this red boulder adorned with ancient petroglyphs broke off and fell to the canyon floor so that I might more easily enjoy it! 

What was infuriating was that many of these amazing and irreplaceable petroglyphs were vandalized by idiots and fools that had carved their initials or other vulgarities beside the works of art.  We did find one act of "vandalism" that was rather historical in nature though.  A pioneer travelling through the canyon two years after the ending of our civil war carved his name beside the existing petroglyphs. 

 If you notice, on the center left side of the picture, a representation of a pregnant buffalo adorns this petroglyph on the canyon wall.

This picture below is rather famous and is called "The Great Hunt".  It was done by Freemont Indians over a millenia ago.

Before we entered the canyon, it looked dry and very desolate and inhospitable; however, as we travelled down it, the canyon opened up in spots and the small river that ran down it brought beautiful greenery to the red and fawn colored cliffs.

So regardless of what misery, tragedy, and foolishness go on in the world, I will strive to take care of my friends and family, and retreat as often as I can to the quieter places of the world where cell phone coverage doesn't exist and rambunctious souls don't care to take the time to travel and wonder at the sites to be seen far from the multitudes.

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