Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Democrats' Government Shutdown and the Ramifications for Our Fallen Heroes

I had strong suspicions that Obama was not going to be good for America when he was first elected, but I did try to be as objective as possible and give him the benefit of the doubt as I waited to see how he governed.  It didn’t take long to see that my suspicions and fears were not only justified but were considerably underestimating the damage that this man, with his utter lack of regard towards America and its constitution, would bring.
I thought surely that the American people also saw this after Obama’s first ruinous term in office where he presided over a fabricated economic “recovery”, where REAL unemployment numbers are still buried in the double digits, while continuing to go from one scandal to the next larger one that would have surely resulted in his impeachment if he had an “R” behind his name instead of a “D”.  

I was wrong.
Oh, I wasn’t wrong in my assessment that he needed to go; I was wrong in my assessment that Americans would finally see through this unqualified charlatan community organizer who had single-handedly decimated the world’s greatest economy through socialistic policies and perks to his well-heeled supporters, while destroying what respect and standing America had left in the world.

Now this petulant and arrogant man-child refuses to even talk with the equally petty, foolish, and arrogant GOP leadership in the House in order to come up with a suitable solution to this Democrat-instituted government shutdown.  He has specifically wanted to cause pain for Americans so that he will have leverage to get his way, once again, when dictating to the spineless Republicans how things will be.

Now it is one thing to PAY park service personnel to keep 90 year old World War II veterans away from the open-air and unfenced WWII memorial on the national mall, while allowing thousands of illegal immigrants and their supporters to BUILD A STAGE and hold a rally on that same mall yesterday.  It is quite another for this petty politician to try and create leveraging pain with his latest escapade.

It has been reported today that the family members of several brave service members killed in battle will not be afforded the death benefits owed to them, including travel to get the remains of their loved ones for funerals when those remains are flown back to the U.S., all because of the government shutdown.
I find that particularly egregious and pernicious since the House and Senate specifically authorized an additional funding resolution ensuring that such things would not occur.  Indeed, Secretary of Defense Hagel even returned many furloughed DOD personnel to work, but evidently providing the last honors for our fallen heroes is unwarranted in his and President Obama’s estimation under their shutdown. 

Even if Secretary Hagel doesn’t have the moral scruples to do the right thing and fix this problem, President Obama easily could.  If necessary, a simple executive order to allow our fallen heroes and their families the proper honors due to them could easily be addressed.  Lord knows, he is not a stranger to writing executive orders, seeing as how he has easily dwarfed the amount written by any other president in history.

Instead, President Obama and the Democrats would rather use our servicemen and women as pawns in this foolish shutdown of theirs.  Politics trumps doing the right thing to them evidently.  It is one thing to chase tourists out of national parks and keep them from taking pictures of Old Faithful.  It is quite another to disrespect those brave souls and that gave their last breath defending what used to be the greatest nation in the history of mankind.  Of course such sacrifice is incomprehensible to President Obama.  As his former Secretary of State said regarding the four American’s killed in Benghazi due to his calculated aloofness, “What difference does it make?”

Let me tell you right now, Mr. President, it makes all the difference in the world!  

When we no longer honor those that have given their very lives in service to America, then that America is no longer worthy of being defended.  Shame on you, Mr. President!  To borrow a slightly modified sentiment from your wife, for the first time in my life, I am deeply ashamed of my country!  I am ashamed of its “leadership”; I am ashamed of its president, and most of all I am ashamed of those Americans that don’t see what difference it makes as they continue to support such treasonous cowards in high office.  Indeed we no longer are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and we have only ourselves to blame for it.


Annie said...

Just another disgusting display on Obama's part.

John Myste said...

I did not even realize that Obama was a member of the Republican Congress, who failed to fund the nation. Obama could not possibly shut down the government. His hat does not allow him to fund or not fund it.

The Tea Party shut down the government because they wanted to derail the law of the land, and this was their only method. I think you realize that.

The Tea Party threatens to shut down the government every time they don't get their way. This is their method of persuasion.

In most contexts, we would call that hostage taking.

T. Paine said...

John, what you said is not altogether accurate, sir. In fact it really isn’t accurate at all. The Republican controlled House sent a bill to the Senate which fully funded all of government weeks ago. The only exception was that they did not provide for funding the pernicious and un-constitutional Obamacare fiasco, as per the will of the majority of Americans. The Senate thus said that the bill was dead on arrival and thus shut down the government and refused to negotiate at all until a “clean” bill was presented to them that funded the unwanted Obamacare mess. I would humbly submit to you that it is Harry Reid and Obama that are consequently holding the country hostage because they aren’t getting their way. The House did what a majority of its constituents asked it to do. The Democrats threw a tantrum and have now doubled down on their hostage demands. They now not only want a so-called clean funding bill from the house, but they also want the debt ceiling raised and the previous sequestration restrictions lifted. In other words, they want to spend even more money that we do not have while funding the bankrupting Obamacare program. They seem bound and determined to collapse the system and bankrupt the nation. It would seem that they are definitely following the Cloward and Piven model to destroy the country so that the progressive elements of both parties can restart the country under socialist guidelines. So tell me honestly, who is REALLY holding the government hostage, my friend?

John Myste said...

The Republican controlled House sent a bill to the Senate which fully funded all of government weeks ago

No, it did not fund the Affordable Care act. It was a ruse used to cancel a law that had been passed by congress and legitimized by Obama’s re-election and the Supreme Court’s ruling. The GOP claimed they “would shut down the government,” before they would fund this law, and that is what they did. Even many hard core Republicans were disgusted, for example O’Reilly and Romney.

There were more than 40 votes to simply defund the law, and it did not happen, so this was the drastic measure of last resort.

The Senate thus said that the bill was dead on arrival and thus shut down the government and refused to negotiate at all until a “clean” bill was presented to them

The Senate made clear that it would not vote to defund the law. It was looking for a bill that funds America’s laws, which not only has precedent, but it how America operates.

The House did what a majority of its constituents asked it to do.

The majority of America opposed the shutdown and the tactics taken by the GOP to achieve it (and now the GOP, now that it has taken those tactics anyway).

So tell me honestly, who is REALLY holding the government hostage, my friend?

Those who threatened it, architected it, and carried out the threat. The GOP.

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