Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick Thoughts on Current Events

It would seem that I have precious little time for writing lately, so I figured I would give some short comments on some very serious issues of which I have been pondering the last few weeks.

1.)    Why is the woman, Sarah Hall Ingram, who was responsible for overseeing the tax exempt organizations within the IRS now running the agency’s office that is responsible for implementing Obamacare?  Why has she not been prosecuted, let alone not fired, particularly when one of these egregious forms requesting ridiculous information was sent to the Waco Tea Party from HER!?!  Obviously the problem is not restricted to just a few low-level rogue employees in Cincinnati as the Obama administration would have us believe.

2.)    Abortionist Gosnell was convicted of murder in the killing of three babies that initially lived during botched abortions he performed.  While the statist media’s relative silence on the matter is deafening, the real question is what the heck is the big deal?  After all, had he been able to inject poison into the hearts of these children while still in their mothers’ wombs, this would have been perfectly legal.  The only difference, and it is the difference that got Gosnell rightfully convicted of murder, is that he was incompetent as a “doctor” and accidentally delivered these babies before killing them.  As we all have been told by the euphemistically named “pro-choice groups” it is still a fetus and undeserving of the right to life if it is still within the mother.  The difference evidently is six inches of birth canal that magically determines when a fetus is transformed into a baby deserving of the same rights endowed to all humans.

3.)    Watergate was responsible for bringing down President Nixon because of his involvement and cover up of a botched burglary for political means.  Nearly all of his previously-supportive Republican colleagues were ashamed of him and joined with Democrats in demanding his resignation.  The Benghazi debacle resulted in the possibly preventable deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador and two former SEAL’s that disobeyed orders to stand down and attempted to save him anyway.  The Obama administration has since intimidated, threatened, and tried to cover up this issue.  They even went so far as to blame a non-relevant video that no one had ever seen as the catalyst for the attack on 9/11.  The Republicans are outraged.  Evidently, the Democrats have no shame though and unlike during Watergate are willing to stand by their corrupt president.  The difference: no body died during Watergate.

4.)    We were lied to that Obamacare would allow us to keep our own doctors, not have “death panels”, and lower health care costs.  My doctor is likely going to close his practice soon due directly to the expense of Obamacare.  Congressional Republicans are being quietly chastised by Democrats for not being cooperative in appointing members to be a part of Obamacare death panels – oops, I meant end of life counseling panels.  Of course the Democrats cannot complain about this in the media though as it would let the cat out of the bag that Sarah Palin was indeed correct.  And finally, the CBO has announced that it will now cost 1.8 trillion dollars to implement Obamacare instead of the originally estimated 900 billion dollars.  Every last one of the warnings we conservatives stated during the debate are now coming to fruition in this travesty of a law.

5.)    Obama is set to announce a new round of strategic nuclear warhead reductions in the near future as part of a disarmament agenda that could reduce U.S. strategic warheads to as few as 1,000 weapons.  Specialists on nuclear deterrence say further cuts beyond the 1,550 deployed warheads mandated by the 2010 New START arms treaty could undermine the United States' ability to deter nuclear powers like Russia and China, who have significant modernization programs for their nuclear arsenals underway.  I guess this is part of the “more flexibility plan” that Obama promised then-Russian President Medvedev prior to Obama’s reelection.

In summary, we have a corrupt government, especially in the executive branch, that is guilty of numerous issues of criminal malfeasance and the only problem the press seems to be very concerned about is the wire-tapping of them.  The culture of death is expanding with the support of our president, while the United States’ security is being undermined militarily.  The economy continues to struggle and millions of Americans are suffering.  The final push to implement the un-Constitutional Obamacare (and it is un-Constitutional regardless of what SCOTUS says) will only serve to harm the middle class and those already struggling to make ends meet even more so.  Meanwhile, many Americans are oblivious or apathetic towards the corruption and incompetence within our government.  As long as they keep getting their SNAP checks and Obama-phone subsidies, they don’t really care.  I was horribly worried that America would not survive Obama’s second term.  In retrospect, it may already be dead.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know how people feel about having the IRS in charge of their healthcare?

T. Paine said...

I would think that this would worry most Americans, even those that think Obamacare is a good idea. I see it as something to be greatly feared. The quality of our health care will be rapidly degraded, and we will have no choice but to pay for it. And the IRS will be the enforcer behind it all. What could possibly go wrong there?

Just the Facts! said...

After all the IRS could always take the 5th if backed into a corner

T. Paine said...

JTF, that would indeed be ironic to have the IRS using their 5th amendment constitutional rights in defense of having violated others' constitutional rights.