Monday, July 18, 2011

The Two Different Americas as Seen in California vs. Texas

It would seem that the nation has become so polarized these days that often times conservatives and liberals don't even share a common language anymore.  While the following example is meant to be somewhat funny and tongue-in-cheek, there is definitely more than a grain of truth to it all.  That said, our polarized nation is neatly characterized by the typical Californian's vocabulary as compared to that of the typical Texan's.  (Austin notwithstanding.)  Cheers y'all!


John Myste said...

Stereotypical Texans are so backward.

Oso said...

When I was married we visited a sister-in-law living south of Dallas, near some kind of dinosaur park? We walked into a second hand store and was greeted by a gentleman who announced 'we don't talk no Mexican here'. I thought it was funny, my wife didn't and replied "It's 'Spanish' and we both speak English". She stayed mad for awhile, but not near as mad as when we stopped at Taos Pueblo and one of the women selling frybread pointed at me and said to her "What a good looking guy-is he your son?" She stayed pissed off till the next day over that one.

Your lists are funny man. Lot of people think it's all movie stars, surfboards and palm trees.

I work with a guy from KY,he's convinced we do nothing but hug trees and drink herbal tea all day long. How dumb, when would we find the time to do drugs?

Later T!

Annie said...

I've always had a warm spot in my heart for Texas.

Brilliant list!

T. Paine said...

John, I guess I am backwards too then, because I share in most of the stereotypical Texan's sentiments.

Oso, you are killing me! lol! I bet your wife was pissed. I used to live in California years ago when I was stationed at Port Hueneme in the Navy. I loved the beauty of it and there is nothing more spectacular than the giant redwoods of northern California.

That said, I couldn't wait to get out of there. It is way too crowded, way too expensive, and typically way too liberal. :) Oh, and WAY too many Raiders and Lakers fans!

Annie, I had the priviledge of working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a contract I did years back. I came to greatly admire much about Texas and its people. As for the country-side, most of what I saw was not very pretty in my eyes. The people made up for it though.

John Myste said...

Mr. Paine,

You guess correctly, but you have good qualities also, so it all balances out.

J. Marquis said...

That's an interesting list.

Sometimes I worry we've really split into two countries.